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EVIL HAS 2 FACES! Nancisaurus Hollidactyl, A Deadly, Venomous Jurassic Era Dinosaur Species Has Been Identified In Wyandanch, New York, Serving As An Elected Trustee On The Wyandanch BOE.

Nancisaurus Hollidactyl EVIL HAS 2 FACES! This is the face of Evil’s ‘Soul’. But what you actually see is a ‘Pretend’ Exterior that is closer to Nun than Dinosaur. Only a few (Adolf Hitler & Donald Trump, for example) present … Continue reading

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BUSINESS AS USUAL – Sin & Corruption In Wyandanch! Nancy Holliday-Watkins, B.O.E. President, Didn’t Extend Her Drug Addict/Pedophile Brother, David Holliday, In His Powerful Position As School Drug Czar At September 18th Meeting Because The Deed Already Took Place, Courtesy Of The B.O.E.’s ‘Policy Of Secrecy’ Re PERSONNEL MATTERS! The ‘JIVE 5’ Practices YSMBISY (You Scratch My Back; I’ll Scratch Yours) The Same Way It Is Done By The American Mafia. No PUBLIC RELATIONS Firm Can Put Lipstick On This Pig! Yes, Citizens, Your B.O.E. Is Engaging A PR Firm To “Clean Up Its Image” AT YOUR EXPEN$E! Why The “Jive 5” Must GO!

  DISCLAIMER   I do not Blog just to inform you about Wyandanch Corruption – you already know that. I Blog to inform you how and why your B.O.E. manipulates and scams the System and what you must do to … Continue reading

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“CENTRAL PARK FIVE” (A New Film), 5-Black & Hispanic Youths Exonerated But Never Reimbursed For Up To 20-Years Spent In Prison Re Bogus Police Entrapment & Railroading In The 1989 “Central Park Jogger” Case (“The Crime Of The Century”? – Only Because Those In Charge Thought The Guilty Were BLACK). We’re Talking Here New York, NY, Not New York, Mississippi! Is American Justice Blind Or Just Blindly, Racially Prejudiced! There Were 6-VICTIMS Here, Not Just 1! But Only The 1-White Female Victim Received Special Consideration – The 5-Victims Of Color Got American INJUSTICE As Usual! – ADVISORY9

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OBAMA WINS 2ND TERM! Sarah Palin’s “Let’s Make Obama A One-Term President” FAILED! The END Of Tabacco’s Nov. 6th CELEBRATION! Now, The Real Work Begins! A White Republican (George W. Bush) Nor A White Democrat (Bill Or Hillary Clinton) Could Never GET AWAY WITH Selling Out Social Security & Medicare In The Guise Of COMPROMISE As This Black Democrat In The Oval Office Plots & Schemes! The US Constitution (“3/5 Of All Other Persons”) & Missouri Compromise (1 Free State + 1 Slave State) Are Just 2 Examples Of Compromise With Evil. We The People Must Never Again Permit Political Abominations Of Such Biblical Proportions! A Judas Goat Is A Judas Goat Regardless Of Skin Color – Mr. President, The American People Will Not Permit You To Compromise With Evil!! – Advisory 5 (And Yes I Am A Registered Democrat & I Voted Nov. 6th For Obama!

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Don’t Ever Get Old – I Just Realized That I Never Published This! On May 16, 2012, I Was Exiled From Wyandanch School Property By Then-President Of School Board, Shirley Baker, For Period Of 4-Months Ending September 16, 2012. On May 22, 2012, I Took To Being Flat On My Back In Bed With A 2-Month+ Bout With GOUT! Today, October 16, 2012, I Looked For My Post On This Incident – It Wasn’t There. But I Found My Prep Under ‘Shirley Baker’, So Better Late Than Never! Here Is The Story Of How The Exploiters On The Wyandanch B.O.E. (Including Members Of 1st Baptist Church Of Wyandanch) Tried To Silence Me From Exposing Their Nefarious Deeds On My Blog & Speaking Out Even At “Meet The Candidates Night” ?Open? Political Meeting. But Guess What – I’MMMMMMMM BACK!

Dear Tabacco (Tabacco’s Name REDACTED)
The Board of Education of the Wyandanch Union Free School District meets with the residents of the Wyandanch Community and School District in order to inform and to discuss with the residents matters that pertain to enhancing the educational environment for its students.
During the May 8, 2012 Board of Education meeting, you were disorderly, disruptive and refused to control yourself even after requested to by District security officers. As a result, it was necessary for the Suffolk County Police to be notified of your behavior and they removed you from the meeting.
In light of your behavior at the meeting, and your inability to control yourself after being notified you were being disruptive, the Board has resolved to withdraw your authorization to be present on any District property for a period of four (4) months beginning today and continuing until September 16, 2012. Continue reading

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First It Was The Southern States In The USA. Then It Was The European Rulers In South Africa. (Don’t Forget Caesar’s Romans, Alexander’s Greeks and Napoleon’s French). Now It’s Israeli Jews In That European/American Concoction of Zionist Israel – That’s Right, Folks, If You Are Muslim There Is No DEMOCRACY For You In Israel Despite The Propaganda: Alice Walker Speaks On PALESTINIAN APARTHEID IN ISRAEL!

ALICE WALKER: Mean apartheid ones? Well, first of all, in Israel and the Occupied Territories, there’s this gigantic wall, which is, I think, the most offensive symbol of the apartheid. It not only segregates the Palestinians from the Israelis, but they also, at the same time, have stolen so much Palestinian land. I mean, they’ve essentially stolen what was all of Palestine. And it’s just horrible to see the treatment of the people. I mean, the checkpoints are dreadful! We went through some of them. And the way the Palestinians are treated is so reminiscent of the way black people were treated in the South when I was growing up. And it’s an intolerable situation. And that our country backs this treatment by standing with Israel through thick and thin is just unbearable. Continue reading

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CONTRIBUTE TODAY TO MITT ROMNEY’S CAMPAIGN FOR PRESIDENT! Tabacco Called 1-800-399-3123 Per TV Ad And Offered To Donate 2-Cents, But The Call Taker Didn’t Seem Interested. I Also Gave Him A Piece Of My Mind:

TABACCO to 1-800-399-3123: “I am willing to donate 2-cents to Romney’s campaign and not a penny more! I will give him exactly what he’s worth! I am a member of Romney’s 47%! I am on Social Security, age 70, and I worked all my life. But he forgot to include in that 47% those Billionaires, who hide their fortunes and income Offshore totaling $32 Trillion! Rich Capitalists create jobs of course – OVERSEAS! They create jobs in The Philippines, India and China, but those jobs were removed from the USA.” Continue reading

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NATIONAL BLACK NEWS – Not Just Wyandanch! Advisory 3

  Wells Fargo Pays $175 Million for Discriminatory Lending  

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(1)PRESUMPTIVE GUILT! In America, Forget FREE SPEECH & Forget TELLING THE TRUTH! Ozzie Guillen,.. (2)What Is 7 x 9? Yesterday Was A Fearful Day For Me Because 2 White 17-Year Old Males On Bikes, 2 Of 3 White Supermarket Cashiers, 1 Of 2 White Seafood Clerks, A Mature White Female, A Black Seventh Grader And A Few Others I Asked Did Not Know!.. (3)ASKING THE WRONG QUESTION (An Old Politician’s Trick): “Is It That Governor Romney’s 15% Effective Personal Tax Rate Means He Doesn’t Play By The Rules?” – Question Should Be: “Are Rules That Allow Gov. Romney To Pay 15% Tax Rate Fair?” – Advisory1

TABACCO: The Title includes just 3 of my recent Posts on my main blogsite: www.tabacco.t-a-b-a-c-c-o.org

Currently there are only about 25 Posts. I have over 1,500 Posts previously published at the now-defunct Blog-City. Eventually those 1,500 will also be on the “tabacco” blog. So you’d better get a head start before the job gets “too big to succeed”! Continue reading

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Wyandanch School Board Mantra
Satan, “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven”
– John Milton’s Epic Poem ‘Paradise Lost’
However, School Boards are elected to serve, not to rule – Tabacco Continue reading

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