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CONTRIBUTE TODAY TO MITT ROMNEY’S CAMPAIGN FOR PRESIDENT! Tabacco Called 1-800-399-3123 Per TV Ad And Offered To Donate 2-Cents, But The Call Taker Didn’t Seem Interested. I Also Gave Him A Piece Of My Mind:

TABACCO to 1-800-399-3123: “I am willing to donate 2-cents to Romney’s campaign and not a penny more! I will give him exactly what he’s worth! I am a member of Romney’s 47%! I am on Social Security, age 70, and I worked all my life. But he forgot to include in that 47% those Billionaires, who hide their fortunes and income Offshore totaling $32 Trillion! Rich Capitalists create jobs of course – OVERSEAS! They create jobs in The Philippines, India and China, but those jobs were removed from the USA.” Continue reading

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TALBERT, TOLLIVER, BAKER & REED WIN – YOU LOSE! There Is Now NOT 1 Honest Member On The Wyandanch B.O.E. 4 Ministers (Talbert, Tolliver, Sexton & Allen) Win Because Their Parishioners Are Reliable Voters, Who Go To Front Of Jobs’ Line. The Worst Things In Wyandanch Are Your Churches – Jesus Threw Them Out Of Synagogue, But They’re Back! Educated Middleclass Intellectuals Ready To Let Rita (Lindenhurst) & Me (N. Babylon) Do Their Work For Them While Jobless & Welfare Renters Totally Indifferent To Voting Altogether. I Hear It All The Time, “God Will Provide!” Sorry, But God Helps Those, Who Help Themselves. Karl Marx Was Right, “Religion Is The Opiate Of The Masses!”

GENTRIFICATION: Apparently the Citizens of Wyandanch have not yet had enough Pain, Wrong & Injustice! Fear not! The new B.O.E. is ready with all sorts of NEW TORTURES to inflict upon you such as SHERMAN ROBERTS! Gina Talbert will continue in her 3-day week “job”. Bishop Talbert will continue to tithe his congregation, move them to the front of the Jobs Line so they can tithe even more back to the Talbert Fund, buy more Wyandanch properties – oh, did you know there is now a WYANDANCH STOCK being offered to select members of the Public? Continue reading

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Wyandanch Citizens’ Coalition (WCC) CANDIDATES! CERINA FLIPPEN, MARY WILLIAMS & GRACE JOHNSON! These 3 Are “Virgin” Candidates, Who Have Never Served On The School Board Previously And Are Both Innocent & Inexperienced In The Ways Of Corruption, Political Intrigue, Cronyism, Nepotism & Educational Failure. They Each Have Children In Wyandanch Public Schools & That Is Their Only Vested Interest In Seeking Public Office.

If you wish to assist in passing out Flyers and talking to Voters in your neighborhood about the upcoming votes, please contact the WCC at the telephone number or e-mail listed above. But remember, we don’t have much time! The Votes are on May 15, 2012. Continue reading

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REGISTERED VOTERS OF WYANDANCH: My Post “NANCY HOLLIDAY – Black Cowardice – Rumors” Received 2,157 Hits In 2 Days (April 1-April 2). According To The Vote Count, Our Write-In Candidate, Yvonne Holder Robinson, Received Only 27 Votes While Holliday Received 50. This Library Election, Like That Referendum On January 10, Was Stolen. To Prove It, We Need Your Help: If You Voted April 3 And Wrote In “Yvonne Holder Robinson”, E-Mail Me That Fact So We May Get Our Own Vote Count And Challenge This Total. Otherwise It’s 5 More Years Of Holliday’s Theft, Intimidation & Domination. Wyandanch, It’s Up To You!

Once Thieves are in control of counting the Votes, winning an Election to remove them is next to impossible. The GOOD NEWS is that “27 Votes” is an extremely small number to count.

Once I receive your responses and that number “27” is passed, we will have PROOF that the ELECTION WAS STOLEN. Continue reading

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