Wyandanch FARCE!


TABACCO: The difference between “actual” Farce and the Wyandanch B.O.E. is that the B.O.E.’s absurdities are NOT funny! Yet it does not qualify as a Shakespearean Tragedy because Shakespeare knew what he was doing – the Wyandanch B.O.E. does NOT!





I listen to people’s opinions because sometimes they make sense. But you must listen to all opinions, good and bad, up to a point – the point at which you realize they’re talking through their beanies.


I have been listening to some very good and logical opinions these days. My own original plans for this Post have changed dramatically because of Events and because of those good opinions I have heard. The litmus test is this: Does what they say make sense? When it does, you must evaluate it. When it doesn’t make sense, you must make your apologies and leave! I admit I do not suffer fools tactfully.


I present the B.O.E.’s documentation because that’s how I blog whenever possible. I also publish it because you probably wouldn’t believe anyone could inflict these unmitigated abominations on their own kind if I didn’t give you some proof thereof!








TABACCO: There wasn’t much for the Audience to see and hear because the B.O.E. went into Executive Session almost immediately after the Meeting began at 5:10pm.


“Behind Closed Doors” is the operative phrase to describe the Board since July, 2011. And when they permit the Audience to be present, they still KEEP SECRETS!



September 26, 2013, B.O.E. ATTENDANCE


Present:       6 of 7 Trustees!

       The Meeting began at 5:10pm. James Crawford & Yvonne Robinson arrived at 5:15pm just as the Board was going into Executive Session. For those of us in attendance, we got 5 minutes before the Secrecy Portion began.


MIAs: Missing In Action


       So far as I know, the ONLY ABSENTEE was




I have noted that Attendance at B.O.E. Meetings by the TRUSTEES has improved drastically since I began publishing the MIAs!


The two Clergy members, Bishop Allen & Elder Tolliver, were the main MIAs before. Their Attendance has improved noticeably now that their Attendance or lack thereof is being published.







What is that about! Why is the B.O.E. hiring a PR firm! Very Good RHETORICAL Questions!


The Answers are:


(A)      This Wyandanch.T-a-b-a-c-c-o.org Blog


(B)      Selling the “Premature Buyout” of Pless Dickerson & Hiring a “New” Superintendent, which necessitates paying 2 Salaries for the same job during current school year 2013-2014


(A) Yes, the NEGATIVE PUBLICITY generated by this Blog has repercussions on High! This is the Holliday-Talbert B.O.E.’s ‘Solution’ to this Problem.



That’s what PR Firms do – they attempt to REDO your IMAGE rather than your SUBSTANCE!



There is a very EASY SOLUTION to the BAD PUBLICITY generated here – B.O.E., STOP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING & EDUCATE THE STUDENTS! If YOU STOP, I WILL STOP! You’ve got it here and in writing! If the Corruption disappears, the Bad Publicity for the B.O.E. disappears! This could not be MORE SIMPLE!


My Offer costs Wyandanch NOTHING – in fact that Strategy would save Wyandanch MUCHO DOLLAR$ in UNNECESARY NEPOTISM SALARIES & BENEFITS PAID FOR REDUNDANT JOB TITLES! But that Strategy would cost the JIVE-5 all of its Personal Benefits such as Patronage, Nepotism & Reelection Votes!


Apparently that’s too big a price to pay!


(B)      You see, the Superintendent, Pless Dickerson, has a 3-year CONTRACT! That Contract does not end until the end of the current school year in 2014.


Of course, Pless could agree to accept LESS than face value in a Buyout for not having to work at his job. But why would he do that! Would you!


Why sit at home twiddling his thumbs watching Reality TV for 50-cents on the dollar when he can work, have something constructive to do and be paid 100-cents on the dollar for doing what he was educated for and loves to do anyway!


Since Pless will NOT accept a compromised salary in a BUYOUT (Pless is NOT a fool), the Board will have to pay



2 SALARIES for the


Both the Old & the New Superintendents

would have multi-year CONTRACTS!





The B.O.E. will attempt to sell you the idea that HODGE, JONES, ROBERTS or TALBERT is WORTH 2x $190,000.00 per annum = $380,000.00. I’m NOT BUYING IT – ARE YOU BUYING IT?


‘Rots of Ruck’ to those PR guys, who have to put LIPSTICK ON THIS PIG!


When is a ‘Search’ not a Search? Answer: When you have already determined who is going to get the job from the folks you already know – that’s when!


Tabacco is an EXECUTIVE RECRUITER by profession. PERSONNEL SEARCHES are what I do! And I’ve been doing them since 1979! If you’re counting, that’s 34-years!


Unless the Incumbent is voluntarily retiring or sickly and forced to retire and the separation is friendly, only FOOLS would permit the Incumbent to do a ‘Search’ for his own replacement! I know this is not the brightest collection of Trustees, but even they know better than that.


If the Incumbent does NOT want to leave – and Pless Dickerson does not – the motivation to find a replacement for oneself is nonexistent! That is common sense, even to our current B.O.E. Therefore we may correctly surmise that this Search is a Charade, a Scam and a Farce!








You bet your bum this “Search” is a Red Herring!


And make no mistake about it, there is NO “SEARCH FIRM” being employed or paid for this “Red Herring”. That’s what I do in Import/Export field. If a ‘Search Firm’ is employed, and it selects “One of The Usual Suspects”, the B.O.E. once again is WASTING YOUR MONEY! So either way, YOU LOSE! But they still can’t find $ for a Home Set of Books! Retreats, Nepotism, PR Firms, Search Firms, Double Dipping Salaries – BUT NO HOME TEXTBOOKS!


Ask the B.O.E. at the next Board Meeting when you can speak (October 16th, I think), “What is the name of the Superintendent Search Firm and how much is the B.O.E. PAYING THEM WITH YOUR $?”


30% of Salary is the going Rate for Search Firms! For a first year Salary of $190,000.00, that translates to a $57,000.00 Retainer!


Would you pay $57,000.00 to find a candidate you already know? You’d be STUPID if you did, right? And you’d be EVEN MORE STUPID if you let the B.O.E. get away with this FARCE!


That’s just one more SCAM in this B.O.E. FARCE!





Louie (Claude Rains)

In ‘Casablanca’


And here are the “Candidates”, who have thrown their hats or will throw their hats into the ring:


       Principal Hodge, Milton Olive Middle School


Mary Jones, Superintendent’s Asst. For HR


Sherman Roberts, Wyandanch Lawsuits, Inc.


Gina Talbert, Bishop Talbert’s Brain


Whoever gets the job will – just like Lisa Hutchinson, B.O.E. lawyer – serve at the pleasure of the B.O.E., not for the benefit of the Students!


Before the New PR Firm gets to IMPROVE THE B.O.E.’s IMAGE (that’s known as PROPAGANDA), let’s ANALYZE the Facts!


Hodge already is the Milton Olive Principal. We could do a lot worse! If Hodge becomes Superintendent, we will then get an INFERIOR MODEL to be Milton Olive Principal! That’s not what I want for the kids in Milton Olive, present or future – is that what you want?


JONES is a pariah! She was employed at Riker’s Island Jail. We need a superintendent, not a WARDEN!


This very year, Larry McCord filed a Lawsuit against Mary Jones & Wyandanch for SEXUAL HARRASSMENT. The Suit was found to be WITHOUT MERIT – we all knew that it was! But Jones was COMPLICIT in the SCAM! Without Mary’s cooperation with McCord, McCord could not have even presented this Legal Swindle!


Then there is the incident of Mary Jones STEALING 200 PCs from Wyandanch and having them transported to her “school” in Jamaica, which operates in her backyard under a tent in a FOREIGN COUNTRY. I do not imply that Jamaican children do not need computers or education, but stealing from Peter to pay Paul is both DISHONEST and EGREGIOUS!


That’s not what I want for Wyandanch Students – is that what you want?


ROBERTS made headlines when he was found out to have bought his PhD, not earned it, from an Internet Phony University.


In 2012 alone, Roberts pocketed $990,000.00 in ‘Settlements’ for Phony Lawsuits because his buddy, Bishop Michael V. Talbert, was Board President and facilitated those ‘Settlements’ instead of insisting on Courtroom Trials.


Roberts is also the guy, who impregnated a 15-year-old student some years ago. That’s not what I want for Wyandanch Students – is that what you want?


GINA TALBERT worked (I used that term advisedly) as Grants Administrator for 3-hours per week at around $150,000.00 (that’s $250,000.00 for a normal 5-day-week). That was before she surreptitiously became Director over the two elementary school Principals. Gina is in effect ‘Superintendent’ already for two schools out of four.


Not once has Gina ever had to COMPETE because her Jobs were a ‘Grant’, courtesy of her husband’s demands on the B.O.E. She is a mother first, and has neither the time nor the inclination to serve as a Superintendent of Schools. Smart is NOT NECESSARILY ENERGETIC! While her mothering may be serviceable, her administrating is half-hearted at best. That’s not what I want for Wyandanch Students – is that what you want?



In past years some parents and non-parent Wyandanch citizens have attended School Board Meetings, become disillusioned and disgusted, and sworn off ever attending or participating again.


That is understandable. However, things have changed. In May 2013 we defeated Bishop Michael V. Talbert and his cohort Elder Barry Sexton. Those victories have NOT solved the Problems, but they are a BEGINNING.


If you want Wyandanch Corruption and its horrific reputation to END, it will NEVER be achieved by hiring a PR firm! It can only be overcome by Citizens organizing, recognizing the Causes, actively attending B.O.E. Meetings regularly and Voting.


PLEASE COME BACK! If you don’t, this could be your LAST CHANCE.









Tonight I am watching an old film, which I have seen several times before on TCM. In the film, based on the book by H. G. Wells, ‘The Time Machine’, the star, Rod Taylor, travels in the machine he invented around 1900 into the future, eventually settling in the year 802701. The world has changed, and not necessarily for the better.


Wells at least looked into the future. Unfortunately for her, Nancy Holliday-Watkins has not done the same. She has not even imagined what her world will be like in 2014 if Gina Talbert is the Superintendent of Wyandanch Schools.


If Gina has a Contract of 3 to 5 years duration, and the B.O.E. is populated with Shirley Baker, Bishops and Elders, it will still be Bishop Michael V. Talbert, who is micromanaging Wyandanch, not Nancy. She will be no more than a ‘figurehead’, a ‘puppet’ president, who serves at the pleasure of the Bishop and caters to his needs first because he will be Master and she his slave.


What sort of retaliation will the Bishop exact upon the B.O.E. president once he learns the Truth about Nancy’s leadership and efforts, which helped unseat him in the May Election of 2013!


Nancy printed Flyers supporting James Crawford using the Wyandanch Library’s printers and ink. Nancy used envelopes and postage, courtesy of the Library, to mail those Flyers to Wyandanch Voters promoting James Crawford, not Bishop Talbert. Using Library property to facilitate any candidate for Election is a violation of State Law. But breaking the Laws of New York State or God has never been an obstacle for our Nancy.


And most clever of all, Nancy Holliday-Watkins told my sources, who told me how she carried Talbert Flyers with her for ‘cover’ as she went door-to-door distributing Crawford Flyers, just in case someone from the Talbert Camp confronted her. The Flyers, ink, postage and envelopes may have belonged to Wyandanch, but the effort was all Nancy’s. Michael V. Talbert lost to James Crawford in May 155 to 254. For that we all owe Nancy Holliday-Watkins a debt of gratitude – even though her motives were purely selfish!


However, nobody can trust Nancy – neither her friends nor her enemies. Nancy lies as easily as she blinks and with the same amount of effort. Nancy feigns friendship, sincerity and empathy like a Hollywood actor because there is no softness in her, only the pretense! Sociopaths learn to mimic feelings even though they do not possess them.


I made the mistake of trusting Nancy when I first met her. She lied to me about others and to others about me. In July I alone seemed to recognize the dangers inherent in electing her as President of the B.O.E. Now the secret is out, and most of us know that she has been, is and always will be the subhuman version of the Black Widow Spider.


“When your friends become your enemies, your secrets become the first vehicles of their betrayal.” – Tabacco


Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981’s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People







Wednesday, October 9, 2013 @7:00pm

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