BUSINESS AS USUAL – Sin & Corruption In Wyandanch! Nancy Holliday-Watkins, B.O.E. President, Didn’t Extend Her Drug Addict/Pedophile Brother, David Holliday, In His Powerful Position As School Drug Czar At September 18th Meeting Because The Deed Already Took Place, Courtesy Of The B.O.E.’s ‘Policy Of Secrecy’ Re PERSONNEL MATTERS! The ‘JIVE 5’ Practices YSMBISY (You Scratch My Back; I’ll Scratch Yours) The Same Way It Is Done By The American Mafia. No PUBLIC RELATIONS Firm Can Put Lipstick On This Pig! Yes, Citizens, Your B.O.E. Is Engaging A PR Firm To “Clean Up Its Image” AT YOUR EXPEN$E! Why The “Jive 5” Must GO!




I do not Blog just to inform you about Wyandanch Corruption – you already know that. I Blog to inform you how and why your B.O.E. manipulates and scams the System and what you must do to stop it.



DEMOCRACY is highly Overrated! Don’t believe me? Wyandanch has Democracy! Just look at the MESS that has created for Decades! Why is that? Answer: Because people Vote with their Hearts, not their Heads! Just like Religious Dogma “Have Faith”, instead of “Think for Yourself”, and “Capitalism” over anything else, both are extremely dangerous Life Strategies!



Just because Clerics, Politicians, Capitalists or the Bible tell you something, that does not make it so! God does not write text! And He certainly never wrote it in English!


“I like this candidate” or “I don’t like that candidate”. What difference does it make to anyone, particularly you, whether or not you “like” or “dislike” a particular candidate!


George W. Bush is likeable enough – that is until you get to know his Policies. Now you’re stuck with a guy you could drink a couple of beers with, but who, as President, undermines your very existence. So much for likeability as Political Determination!









Nobody, least of all Politicians, would ever trust government to the caprices and whims of the People. That’s why Democracy does NOT EXIST ANYWHERE! It’s PURE PROPAGANDA, FOLKS!


Can you imagine average Folk, who know


Nothing about Negotiating with Foreign Countries,


Nothing about Financial Statements & National Budgets,


And very little about Debit Limits, Medical Insurance, Cost of Living, Labor Unions, War, Agriculture, Immigration, or even Politics,


Voting on these Issues directly and consistently!


In a country of 300-Millions, that would be impossible as well as TOTALLY UNDESIRABLE!


Your family, your club, your church can have ‘democracy’, but they all have a finite membership. Try getting or facilitating 300,000,000 Voters and see how far you get. Then we have the TEA PARTY, Racists, Nihilists, and other just plain dumb folks. No wonder the only time Democracy is even tolerated is on Election Day – and then NOT BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!


Everywhere on Earth, that is not Totalitarian, governments are REPUBLICS – EVEN IN WYANDANCH! That’s as close as we will ever come to Democracy – and History has proven that is even too close! What we hear on TV is nothing more or less than PROPAGANDA!

“… and to the Republic for which it stands..”


That’s REPUBLIC, not DEMOCRACY, Folks!




Vague Definition – no wonder nobody seems to know the difference!


Definition not much better than above! Reread “Pledge”!

You’re better off definition-wise reading Tabacco than you are looking it up in Webster’s! Tabacco doesn’t ‘beat around the Bush’!








A single Election (May 21, 2013) cannot undo and reverse Decades of Neglect, Indifference, Political Corruption & Public Apathy! 2 cannot outvote 5!


















“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,

But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” – Shakespeare



Those folks, who stayed away in droves from B.O.E. Meetings this summer but plan to return when School starts in the Fall, are the PROBLEM, NOT THE SOLUTION!


Those are the same folks, who show up when THEIR KIDS have a School-related Problem, then disappear for months or years until they feel impelled to come back and VENT once again their own Frustrations. Then, after one or two appearances, they disappear again.


B.O.E. Trustees anticipate and laugh at those folks – in private of course – because those Tirades, which may make the Speaker feel better but accomplish little else, are forgotten tomorrow.





Your B.O.E. (Board Of Entertainment) is never too broke not to approve one of these Capitalist Social ‘Educational?’ requests! They can’t vote to buy textbooks for Students to Take Home, but for dancing & minimal exercise Pay-As-You-Go, they are always ready to vote “Yea!”


In truth the Jive 5 had to vote for this one after throwing all of Wyandanch’s $64,699.00 down the toilet on the Venettes. This was their COVER EXTRAVAGANCE!


“See, we voted for ‘Craig Gibson’ too. And that’s only $11,940.00 we flushed down the toilet this time!”








Check out ‘PERSONNEL’! What do you learn? That’s what I thought. See how B.O.E. navigates its Nepotism & Patronage? Even Tabacco is in the DARK generally – except for September 18th – I was right there with them yesterday!

Check ‘Curriculum’ – B.O.E. doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. I verified that with Chairman of Curriculum Committee – and he’s a teacher ———— Physical Education, that is!


Field Trips barely qualify in College as ‘Curriculum’ – in Elementary & High School; it qualifies as ‘Fun & Games’.

This was a boo-boo! Not because the B.O.E. already voted “Yea” on 4 of these spots, but because they put all 5 on their private copies, not distributed to the Audience. I already had a copy at the Meeting and knew that 4 were already voted on – I just didn’t know when because with B.O.E. SECRECY, even I miss some things.


A. Director of Security         – Wayne Hayes (already passed)

B. Plant Facilities Manager – Ken Skein (“                     )

C. Drug & Alcohol Coordinator – David Holliday

                                                                          (“                     )*

D. Grants Compliance Coordinator – Kevin Thornton

         The only one voted on September 18th – 4-2-1

         James Crawford & Yvonne Robinson OPPOSED

Charlie Reed Abstained

E. School Lunch Manager – Pam Usher (already passed)


* Yes, David Holliday – kicked out as Priest from the Catholic Church – what must he have done? Usually, the Pope just relocates Pedophiles to another diocese if not another country. David must really have done something BIG! Why were you defrocked, David? Inquiring Minds want to know!


In her own way, Nancy Holliday-Watkins is as Evil and Selfish as Bishop Michael V. Talbert ever was. Those, who thought Nancy would make a ?good president?, know better now! I saw this coming because I don’t make the same mistake twice! But others, more Christian, more faithful and more forgiving than I, figured Nancy deserved more chances. If Nancy deserves more chances, then so does Bishop Talbert!


But the REAL ABOMINATION centers on the word “rights”.




that the occupant of the titles

listed herein be provided the

same rights and benefits

commensurate with the WAA contract.”



The B.O.E. has been forewarned by both Lisa Hutchinson, the Legal Eagle, and Albany to NOT USE that word “rights” in these Propositions because the use of that word “rights” opens up a whole can of worms.


But Nancy Holliday is only interested in protecting herself, her family and her supporters regardless of the damage she does to Wyandanch!


We don’t call her


for nothing!


Until September 30, 2013, Nancy’s brother, David Holliday, is paid $10,000.00 by Wyandanch because the Compass Grant pays the rest of his salary – $70,000.00. But that’s not all! $70,000.00 in ADDITIONAL WYANDANCH EXPENDITURES are paid out for David Holliday’s BENEFITS – even under COMPASS!


Beginning October 1, 2013, all $150,000.00 for David Holliday (Salary & Benefits) must be paid by YOU out of the GENERAL FUND since the Compass Grant is NOT BEING RENEWED and ends September 30, 2013.


And for all these Expenditures in YOUR NAME, Wyandanch Male Students get a HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE, who has the opportunities to BLACKMAIL any BOY he finds ‘interesting’ that he “suspects” of using reefer or any other illicit drug – Nancy has unleashed another PARASITE on Wyandanch and YOU MUST PAY THE DOLLAR$ while teenage boys must serve David Holliday’s LUSTS & DEMANDS! That’s the Deal Nancy has made in your name!


President Nancy and Vice President Allen are both up for REELECTION in May, 2014. We MUST DEFEAT BOTH as we defeated Bishop Talbert and Elder Sexton in 2013.


But Nancy has other ABOMINATIONS up her sleeve. I will reveal those PLOTS prior to the October 9th Meeting.


In the meantime, the Male Students must not only avoid David Holliday’s LUSTS, they together with Female Students must also write off one more year of INSUFFICIENT, if not NEGLIGENT EDUCATION. The invocation of the phrase






Those, who failed in previous years, will fail this year too! Anyone, who disputes that assertion, please put your Money where your mouth is – I am taking Bets! If ‘Faith’ didn’t work in 2012-2013, why would it work in 2013-2014! Remember what Einstein said about INSANITY!


Yes, the Holliday-Watkins MOB is interviewing PUBLIC RELATIONS firms (PR) in a ludicrous attempt to improve its own Image and spending YOUR TAX DOLLAR$ to do so.


Wyandanch RESIDENTS need to SHOW UP at ALL BOARD MEETINGS and DEMAND to know WHY a PR Firm is being hired with your money to GLOSS OVER the B.O.E.’s Corruption!














PS Yes, I can practice Vindictiveness – but only toward those, who deserve it! Nancy deserves it IN SPADES! For far too long, Black people have hushed up Sexual Exploitation because they were ashamed to utter what others had no problem doing.


When I was 10, my Uncle Bill took me with him to Jacksonville, FL. He was a diningcar waiter on the Southern Railroad. He wouldn’t tell me why we could only see one movie, ‘Cleopatra’ starring Claudette Colbert. To this day I avoid that particular film.


My Black Uncle was ashamed of Segregation in the South! That’s why it took so long for us to remove that Government approved Institution – you can’t fight what you cannot even mention by NAME!


God would not send an “angel” to fight with Evil ones; he would send an SOB like me to do that!


If you are offended by my bluntness, ask yourself, “Why am I not offended MORE by the Wyandanch B.O.E. CORRUPTION than by the words Tabacco uses to expose it?”


They can get away with doing Abominations, but I am uncivil for writing about them? Give me a break!

Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981’s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People





Wednesday, October 9, 2013 @7:00PM

Administration Bldg, 1445 Straight Path, Wyandanch

Main: 631-870-0400  District Clerk: 631-870-0405

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