Steve Bellone’s Main Squeeze, Vanessa Baird-Streeter, Scams Wyandanch Once Again With His Blessing – Or At Least His Indifference! Venettes Fill Vanessa’s Pockets With Voters’ Tax Dollar$ While Suffolk County Exec Climbs Political Ladder. Whose Fund Is She Kicking Back To This Time? Bishop Talbert, Shirley Baker, Charlie Reed, Elder Tolliver, Bishop Allen, Nancy Holliday? Is It ‘Straight Lover’ Or Is Vanessa To Bellone As Bess Myerson Was To Ed Koch – ‘Gay Cover’? Nancy Holliday Says, “Yes To Gay, And Mrs. Bellone Doesn’t Mind Because Wife Says Steve Is Gay!”





The Unused, Unloved Sumptuous Boardroom The B.O.E. ignores as “too small”. Since Talbert came on board the B.O.E. has inconvenienced the Audience by kicking us out during their Executive Sessions instead of retiring to this Shangri La as it did under Denise Baines’ leadership.


But there is Method to this Madness! After an hour or two in Exec, the Audience is generally reduced to 1 or 2 Audience Members (generally I am among the Residue). Then the B.O.E. may continue their Malevolencies without any Interference or Verbal Abuse from Audience Members. See how that works!








These are the 5 Members of the B.O.E. held over from the Talbert years. The newer Members, elected in May, 2013, Yvonne Robinson and James Crawford, declined to make appearances on September 11, 2013. They knew there would be a Vote on the Venettes.


Rather than A) Vote for the $13.340K Reduced Charge (more about that later in this Post) or


B) Vote against the Venettes while alienating the other Trustees with Vested Interests in the Venettes, they chose


C) Don’t bother to show up at all.


That’s not how I would have acted, but their “Compromise” solved their Dilemma. After all, I am not always right, and my Way is not the only way. Moreover, I don’t understand why, but I seem to irritate everyone at one time or other. Do you understand why? I don’t! I just tell the Truth and try to do what’s right – but that seems to irritate the Hell out of everybody sometime or other! I wonder why!


Remember, this was supposed to have been a “Work Session” with NO VOTING! They did however VOTE on and only on the Venettes 5-0-0, but prevented Audience Comment because “This is a Work Session only!” Chutzpah masquerading as Double-Dealing Dastardly Damned Demons!


That’s how your B.O.E. operates when it wants to pass SENSITIVE & CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES – they SILENCE DISSIDENCE by VOTING IN WORK SESSIONS! You need to show up on September 18, 2013, (VOTING SESSION) and let the B.O.E. know your displeasure with their TRICKERY and their DECEITS!




               Steve Bellone & His Shadow





“A coquette is a woman without any heart, who makes a fool of a man that hasn’t got any head.” – Madame Dorothee Deluzy



Dancing is fine! But Scamming Wyandanch Citizens & Students is beneath contempt for our Parsimonious Pair!


Yes, our little Coquette gets quoted in the Media as a knowledgeable Suffolk Political Dignitary, not as a Steve Bellone Courtesan!


Two years ago, Nancy Holliday – then only a Library Trustee/B.O.E. Trustee – arranged a meeting with then Babylon Town Hall Supervisor Bellone to save Geiger Lake Pool.


Bellone and his flunkies lied to our faces and claimed no decision re the Pool had been made. Next I received phone calls from Deer Park Residents (yes, White folks), who wanted to save the Pool also – albeit for different motives entirely. They informed me that the Pool was BEING DEMOLISHED.


Bellone’s Highways & Parks Assistant told us a War Story in which he asked for ID from “outsiders”, who attempted to use a different Babylon Pool. He prevented that from happening. Of course there is no way he could have known or even suspected those kids were “outsiders” except and unless they were BLACK! Racism is alive and well in the North!


Now I hear how Black kids had no place to swim this summer and were being turned away from Deer Park and other Babylon Pools because apparently no Blacks live in the other Babylon Districts? Is this Babylon’s “Stop & Frisk” adaptation?


That “water feature” may satisfy 3- and 4-year-olds, but teens need a Swimming Pool in the summer! Bellone didn’t care then and he doesn’t care now! Steve Bellone and Vanessa Baird-Streeter are a MATCH MADE IN HELL!






This was the original “Bill” for the Venettes to use a Wyandanch School for the coming school year:


This was the Revised “Venettes Bill” at the September 11, 2013, “Work Session”, in which NO VOTING (except on Time-Sensitive Major Issues is allowed) and NO AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION AT ALL!


Then our Magnanimous B.O.E. “JIVE 5” WAIVED 3 more items to arrive at the GRAND TOTAL OF






That figure may be $13,340 more than the Venettes paid Wyandanch last year for the use of the school. I haven’t Foiled that info to date, and you must know those figures are NOT just floating around for people to see.


July 17th      

MLK Gym Use          $4,669

MLK Auditorium      $5,336

MLK Cafeteria          $2,001

MLK FSW                $12,673

2 Custodians          $26,680

1 Security                $13,340             

       TOTAL BILL             $64,699


September 11th      

MLK Gym Use           $4,669

MLK Auditorium       $5,336

MLK Cafeteria           $2,001

MLK FSW                         $0

1 Custodian            $13,340

Security                           $0             

       TOTAL BILL            $25,346


September 11th       Further Reduced

MLK Gym Use                 $0       Waived

MLK Auditorium             $0       Waived

MLK Cafeteria                 $0       Waived

MLK FSW                        $0

1 Custodian           $13,340

Security                           $0             

       TOTAL BILL           $13,340       B.O.E. VOTE 5-0-0


Please note that NO ALLOWANCE was ever made to account for WEAR & TEAR on the Martin Luther King BRAND NEW WOOD FLOORS that those little Venette dancers DESTROY ANNUALLY!


And what was our little Oreo, Business Manager Rogers, doing all the time these shenanigans were going on? Why he was complying sheepishly with the powers-that-be just as a puppy, which has peed on the new wood floors, puts his tail between his legs and looks nervous while hiding under a chair and trying not to get punished.


As for those “SCHOLARSHIPS” about which Charlie Reed and Shirley Baker are so fond of bragging, that ain’t MONEY, Folks, that’s just FREE DANCE LESSONS! And anybody from Wyandanch, who gets those FREE DANCE LESSONS, is sponsored by Charlie Reed, Shirley Baker or someone with REAL INFLUENCE ON OUR B.O.E.


But Vanessa doesn’t get off paying just $13,340 – No Siree! She has to kickback about $10,000 (I am guessing here) to 1st Baptist Church or the good Bishop directly and in Ca$h and one or two others. Kickbacks are a WAY-OF-LIFE IN WYANDANCH! It’s referred to as THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS!


Incidentally, before she decided to exploit Wyandanch, Miss Baird-Streeter and her Venettes were evicted from Amityville, the Catholic Church on Straight Path (even Nancy Holliday couldn’t save her there), and the Washington Street School in Deer Park. It seems those venues got sick of carrying the Venettes while Vanessa scooped up ALL THE PROFITS FOR HERSELF & RUINED THEIR FLOORS! Political Corruption ain’t what it used to be, is it Vanessa!






There are 2 possible Scenarios regarding the relationship between Suffolk County Executive, Steve Bellone (married) and our own little Miss Goody Two-Shoes, Vanessa Baird-Streeter, with whom Stevie works very closely at Taxpayers’ Expense – both are on Suffolk County Payroll!



Scenario A – Stevie and Vanessa are Begaters in the Biblical sense;


Scenario B (courtesy of our own Nancy Holliday-Watkins) – Vanessa Baird-Streeter is to Steve Bellone as Bess Myerson was to Ed Koch: A Gay Cover Story


Scenario B concerns the Fact that being gay is still not an advantage in gaining Votes to remain Suffolk County Exec or maybe become Governor!


You folks decide for yourselves whether you buy into Scenario A or Holliday’s Scenario B!



Now I did not hear B or A for that matter from the Grand Holliday herself. I heard it from an unimpeachable unnamed source, who got it directly from the Grand Dame herself.


When you consider Holliday’s own brother, David, and her own husband, William ‘Marty’ Watkins, both of whom have histories worthy of inclusion in ‘Peyton Place’, I have no cause to doubt Holliday’s information.


Added to that is the amusing story that Holliday tells on herself (again, I got this from an unimpeachable unnamed source):


Holliday says that since she gets absolutely Nothing from Marty, she (Holliday) has to get her satisfaction from a Cucumber!


My question is this: I am conversant with the ASPCA, but does anyone know the number for the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO VEGETABLES (ASPCV)?



Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981’s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People







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