Newsday’s Anne Michaud Targets Dysfunctional School Boards Of Wyandanch & Hempstead (‘Dysfunctional’ Is Her Word, Not Mine). + UPDATE – August 30th Postscript For President, Nancy Holliday!


The depressing news out of Hempstead High School last week — that its academic ranking is in the lowest 5 percent of schools statewide — might send people scurrying for the usual explanations.


Is the result due to the high poverty rate in the district, perhaps? Or maybe the poor showing is because of immigration, leading to too many English language learners in classrooms. Or it could be that the school district is short on money.


But the numbers suggest that none of those explanations is sufficient to justify the ongoing failure, year after year, of Hempstead schools to educate their population.



The data show that three of Long Island’s worst-performing districts –


Hempstead, Wyandanch and Roosevelt –


are teaching roughly the same type of population as three districts performing in the middle statewide:


Freeport, Westbury and Bay Shore.



In other words, given the same challenges, some school districts are instructing their kids far better — and for even less cost.


So, one has to ask the question, why is that?


“The answer to me as to why there are differences in those districts is pretty clear-cut, and it has to do with leadership –

the school boards and the superintendents“, said Roger Tilles, Long Island’s representative on the New York State Board of Regents.



“The boards of Hempstead and Wyandanch are very dysfunctional. The children are not their first priority of interest. The employment opportunities are the first priority.”


In other words, the focus is on hiring friends and relatives, and firing enemies. Wyandanch, in fact, repealed an anti-nepotism policy that, in 2009, state education leaders had praised.



Roosevelt is making some changes in this regard, including bringing in a new superintendent from outside the state. About this district, Tilles and others are hopeful.


But Freeport, Westbury and Bay Shore have been more successful for years. The numbers make the case.


Free and reduced-price lunch, which is a proxy for low-income, averages 73 percent in Hempstead, Wyandanch and Roosevelt, according to New York State Education Department report cards. The average among Freeport, Westbury and Bay Shore is 63 percent. So that’s the majority of kids in both cases.


Per-pupil spending in the three struggling districts averages $25,096. In the three mid-performing districts, it is $22,560. On average, the successful districts are spending 11 percent less. That’s a meaningful savings in these tight-budget times.


And the graduation rate in Freeport is 74 percent, according to Nassau BOCES, and in Westbury, it’s 79 percent. Hempstead’s graduation rate is a dismal 38 percent — Long Island’s lowest.


One problem in Hempstead is the constant change in direction. In six years, the district has had four superintendents, four business officials, five high school principals, and 18 elementary school principals among eight buildings. There’s no continuity.


Hempstead created academies within the high school three years ago to improve student performance; this year the district dissolved them. Last year, it pulled 40 kids out of a BOCES arts and music program two months into the school year. Needless to say, dramatic swings like that are bad for students.



For several years, Tilles has advocated passing a law that would allow the appointment of a special czar in a school district where performance is low and the board can be shown to be dysfunctional — not making decisions in students’ best interest. The bill has gone nowhere in the State Senate.



On another front in the battle to rescue failing schools, the State Education Department has told two high schools in Buffalo to allow its students to depart for better districts or BOCES — a move Buffalo is fighting. Long Island school officials are watching this skirmish closely. The lessons learned could soon apply to Hempstead and Wyandanch.


Anne Michaud is the interactive editor for Newsday Opinion.


TABACCO: Fear NOT, Wyandanchers! Our B.O.E.








Is practicing its second favorite Pastime as I write this. In addition to Patronizatizing and Nepotising, the B.O.E. is currently at the Courtyard Marriott honing its skills at




PS That Anti-Nepotism Law, that NYS liked so much and our B.O.E. got rid of, would be ineffectual anyway because of YSMBISY





No B.O.E. Member dares vote against another Member’s Nepotism because that 2nd Member would retaliate in kind against the 1st Member’s kin!


This is Wyandanch’s





POSTSCRIPT August 30, 2013




Apparently Tabacco was the Main Subject Matter at the RETREAT because I republished the Newsday Article here. Nancy Holliday, the B.O.E. President is “LIVID” (I think that’s the appropriate adjective) at Tabacco (NOT NEWSDAY)! How’s that for ILLOGICAL COGITATION!


I’m so glad I was able to prevent the Retreat from being a COMPLETE BORE! After all, the B.O.E. is spending the Citizens’ $15,000 – glad I could be of some use in making that expenditure worthwhile!


Nancy, dearest, if you want to verbally abuse somebody, why not ANNE MICHAUD of NEWSDAY! Michaud used the term “Dysfunctional”, not me! After all she wrote the Article; Tabacco just REPUBLISHED it!


If Lady Holliday is MAD at me for this Post, wait till she gets a gander at what I’ve got on the “Fire” next! I go back to May, 2013, for an Expose on the current President and how she got to be the Current President!


Nancy, dearest, we need to talk! I know you would be well served to interview with Tabacco before, not after, I go to Press! I have a “Major” Cat in my Bag, and I know you don’t want me to let it out!



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