Like Lambs Being Led To Slaughter! The New Board Took Over Tonight, And I Don’t Have To Wait Until The July 10th & July 17th Meetings To Make Predictions: BUSINESS AS USUAL! Oh Yeah, You Want To Know Who Won? The New President Of The Wyandanch B.O.E. Is Judas Iscariot. The New VP Is Stepin Fetchit!



For those of you unfamiliar with Stepin Fetchit, I give you:


The Original Stepin Fetchit was playing it for laughs; our own Stepin Fetchit doesn’t even know who or what he is! They even look alike! Same big eyes! Same vacant expression! Why is it that folks with mediocre IQs, who attempt to make it in the Big Leagues, always look like lost puppies!


You are all familiar with Judas Iscariot, but in case you aren’t, I give you his Legacy:



How will you know that I am correct? That’s easy!





1 – Gina Talbert will keep her jobs (both of them) – the $150K, 3-day per week P/T Grants Gig + that $30K one that Talbert raised the stink over and got the 6-0-1 Tenure Vote.


2 – The Litigious Mr. Sherman Roberts, of the Phony PhD, will keep his job. (But this one is NOT a Lock! Judas and Mr. Roberts have a mutual animosity built on the natural protectiveness of Judas for the pedophile brother – see 4 below).


3 – The Litigious Mr. Larry McCord, also of a Phony PhD and equal of that dog, which got one also from the same Internet University, will keep his job.


4 – That Pedophile of the homosexual variety, who is fortunate enough to be the Brother of Judas Iscariot, will keep his job. An Absolute Certainty now!


5 – Last, but not least, the “Curriculum” category on every Agenda Cover Sheet will remain blank as always or be graced with some irrelevant, worthless and non-curriculum Scam because of my persistent pointing to the VACANCY.


That’s HOW YOU WILL KNOW! If Curriculum, for example, shows any serious upgrades, there will be some positive changes. I would LOVE to be WRONG this time, folks – but I’m not counting on it!






1 – You don’t erase a 7-Trustee ‘Rubber Stamp’ with a single election involving a change of 2-Trustees, and


2 – When Criminals on opposing sides realize they need each other to survive and thrive, they make an ‘Accommodation’. That’s what happened here – The Godfather and Judas Iscariot DID A DEAL! Godfather Bishop had Baker, Tolliver & Allen. But he needed at least 4 to control the Board. Judas held the deciding Vote. In guaranteeing Judas Iscariot the Presidency, the Godfather insured his own continued Power in Absentia!


3 – Then you have the “Innocents”, who believe that everyone else is basically GOOD because they themselves are basically GOOD! Archie Bunker had a name for folks like that: Dingbats!


Years ago there was a comedy / audience participation show wherein they pulled capers on unsuspecting people. Once they told a guy to take the elevator upstairs in an office building. The guy had no idea he was being setup. When the elevator door opened, the people inside were all facing toward the back of the elevator. You guessed it! Soon, our hero turned to face the back of the elevator too. There is no limit to what people will do to just “fit in”!


Most of the Election audience did not have a Clue as to what was going on or rather what had already happened re “The Deal”.


You see, Crooks, Nepotists and Patronagists have a Problem! Once you know who they are, and once you know what they are, just keep your eye on the prize because as sure as Sunday follows Saturday these vermin will reach for the PRIZE! When they reach, you’ve got your man – or woman!


Even when names are not mentioned on documents or by Trustees, keeping secrets in plain sight is very difficult for these types – if you know what to look for! They put on a “good show”, squabbling over pennies in front of an audience, but that will not deceive a practiced eye!


The sad part of this CHARADE is that some of these “Players” get little or nothing for themselves. These are the SAPS! You know how young children are tickled pink with shiny, new pennies! Well, some Trustees are just like those children – tickled pink over pennies and crumbs while the BOSSES rake in the BIG BUCK$!


(Aside to Reed, Baker, Tolliver & Allen:

Make the Bosses give you a Fair Share of the PROFITS, or DINGBAT is your name!)


There is nothing more pitiable than a person, who thinks he or she is smart! Those are the folks, who always fall for SCAMS ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!


Even Judas will be shortchanged by the Godfather, who lost the recent election! Yes, even Charlie Reed has sold his Soul to the Devil for a trifle! The concert ain’t over, Charlie, till the Fat Lady sings!



But there is some GOOD NEWS! Both Judas Iscariot and Stepin Fetchit have to run for their seats next May. Could it be that these 2 will meet the same fate as their predecessors, the Big Bad Wolf (also known as the Godfather and the Bishop) and the self-promoting Elder?


Holliday and Allen will attempt to “save their asses” with some “good deeds”. But YSMBISY is still the Operative Policy (You Scratch My Back; I’ll Scratch Yours!)



These Birds never learn! Each one thinks he or she can succeed where others have failed. To each one of you I say, “Your day is coming!” That is a PROMISE! You’re playing with fire, and you’re going to get burned – mark my words!


Q. For Nancy, “How many members of your Family are currently employed at the Library where you also serve as President? Is it 3? 4? Or more?” To honor the Holliday Klan, the Library has a new old Theme Song, performed by the O’Jays. It’s still a great song. Give a listen on YouTube:


The O’Jays sing ‘Holliday Family Reunion’





There are many Losers in this Tragedy. But the Primary Losers are the CHILDREN! In Wyandanch the CHILDREN ALWAYS SEEM TO LOSE!


I will have to put away my Plans to upgrade the Curriculum for another day. That means at least 1 more year of Bad Grades, Nepotism and Patronage run amok while young lives are wasted, their futures become bleaker, and Wyandanch’s Awful Reputation continues to grow and prosper!


In Wyandanch, it’s






Or is it! Not quite! Hold it a minute! What’s this! There is some







Tears were shed last night by the FOIL lady and the HEIR APPARENT to Betty Jo Joynes as District Clerk. Those 2 are the Unconscionable and the Incompetent respectively.


Lisa Coalmon doesn’t know it (until now that is), but I was still on her side until very recently – until June 26th to be specific.


Yeah, she delayed one of my FOIL requests to protect Talbert until after the 2012 Elections. But I knew she was protecting her Job and understood.


But Dame Coalmon went overboard on June 26th, carrying tales to her Bosses – Lies, to be more accurate. That showed her Desperation to please! So I shall NOT shed tears for Dame Coalmon, who was not offered an extension – yet!


Then there’s the Heir Apparent, whose name I keep forgetting because she is so incompetent, obviously a Talbert Tithe Candidate and nothing else!


Apparently the new Board is cognizant of her Incompetence and unwilling to allow Talbert Tithers to stay just so 1st Baptist can collect Fee$! She was not promoted to District Clerk and apparently won’t be! So far, so good! Let’s all cross our fingers! That’s about all we can do until May, 2014! This is what happens when you stop paying attention to your B.O.E.





Charley Reed nominated Nancy Holliday for President. That was the ONLY Presidential nominee! The vote was 7-0-0. Even if the 2 new guys on the block had abstained, the result would have been the same. Politics is a DIRTY BUSINESS!


Then the woman, who was running the Election (a Talbert shill), prematurely asked for VP nominations, not realizing that Holliday had to be sworn in first. Nancy was so excited that she forgot that little formality and responded, “I nominate Bishop Allen!”


The mistakes were corrected, Nancy was sworn in and when order was restored, somebody else nominated Allen for VP. Allen was the ONLY VP nominee! Can you say, “Backroom Deals”!





Charlie Reed nominates Nancy Holliday, who then tries to nominate Bishop Allen. There’s PROOF the Election was rigged – or to put it another way, a BACKROOM DEAL, sponsored and approved by whom?




In addition, Dolores McCall was seen congratulating Charlie Reed – on a job well done no doubt. After all, Charlie was elected to nothing! McCall is a Talbert Crime Syndicate member in good standing.


You do NOT have to overhear these Backroom Conversations to know what’s what! See, folks, the Proof is in the DETAILS!



Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981’s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

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