THE BAD: The Gina Talbert Affair At Lame Duck B.O.E. Meeting, June 19, 2013! Talbert’s Lame Duck Husband, Bishop Michael V. Talbert, Left A Parting Shot At The Children & Citizens Of Wyandanch: The Defeated President Ramrodded Or “Nepotized” (Yup, I Made It Up) “TENURE” For His Own Wife – Part 2 of 3

TABACCO: Everything went rather smoothly at first at Talbert’s “Last Stand”. Talbert conducted the Meeting like a Defeated President. He presided as if he had to catch a train that was leaving yesterday.


Obviously, besides all the potential Financial losses he was facing, there was also his PRIDE, which must never be underestimated. The man, who would be the OFFICIAL Mayor of Wyandanch, has lost at least 3 times, once each to Denise Baines, Nancy Holliday and now James Crawford. For an Ego the size of Mount Rushmore, that has to be a hard pill to swallow. But is there more to it than just Talbert’s mad rush to get out of town fast?


I always knew he would try something. Apparently his Plans had been stifled because everybody knew in advance what he was up to. But Talbert still had one Ace in the Hole – an Ace that would not let him down.





When the Board reached PERSONNEL, ITEM (7) “District Wide Tenure Recommendation”, everything changed.


Even Superintendent Dickerson, who has to recommend these administrative changes, asked, “Where are the qualifications!” (!, not ?)


At the June 12th Meeting re Item (2) (which I presume is the same thing), in response to a question from the Board, Superintendent Dickerson responded, “.. gets Tenure automatically if the Board does not act!” I should have spotted it then, but I merely recorded the Superintendent’s comment.


The position under discussion for Tenure was alternately described as “District Wide Director”, “Elementary Education Administrator” etc., but at no time was the term ‘GRANTS’ mentioned. This means the Board was NOT discussing the $146K-$160K, 3-day per week Grants gig, designed exclusively for Mrs. Talbert, but instead the Board was haggling over the $30,000 2nd Gig Gina has supervising the 2 Elementary School Principals.


OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN! Talbert was fighting for the $30K spot and leaving the $150K spot (or thereabouts) unmentioned?! Now the “Egofied” (yes, I made it up!) President is reduced to squabbling over pennies, when he formerly presided over MILLION$!


Well, folks, let me tell you – TALBERT HIT THE CEILING! I can’t quote him exactly because I was watching the Big Guy blow a GASKET, not taking dictation. He said something like, “You’ve done this before, what’s so different this time!” (!, not ?) He then demanded, more like the 4*-General George S. Patton rather than a Wyandanch B.O.E. President, “We’re not going to put it aside; we’re going to PASS IT TONIGHT!” (Not “vote on it tonight”, but “Pass it tonight!”)


The Board cowered like a kennel of misbehaving, bad mongrel dogs, not like Trustees on the Wyandanch B.O.E. The Vote was 6-0-1 with only CHARLIE REED brave enough to ABSTAIN, not OPPOSE! Remember, folks, Talbert was defeated in May. This was his LAST HURRAH – at least for the present. But the Board is so intimidated by him that only 1-member dared stand up or squeak up to Talbert with “abstain”.


Everybody, not just Wyandanch Citizens, will be glad to see this July come when Talbert no longer sits on the Board, intimidating the Trustees!


Word has since circulated that neither Holliday nor Allen voted affirmatively for PERSONNEL, ITEM (7). But that misses the Point entirely – and no doubt deliberately!


Even cowering dogs know how to make excuses after the fact! The way Talbert flew through the Agenda, he didn’t wait for the calling out of individual names, as is generally done under Roberts’ Rules of Order, he used the “OPPOSED”?, “ABSTAIN”? questions to determine the Vote count. By deducting those 2 Alternatives, Talbert presumed – and rightfully so – that if you did NOT ABSTAIN, and if you did NOT OPPOSE, you were in fact APPROVING the Item.


Neither Allen nor Holliday raised a whimper when “OPPOSED?” and ‘ABSTAIN?” were spoken by Talbert. Only Reed responded to “ABSTAIN?” Ergo, the Vote was 6-0-1! The time to speak up is when the President utters “OPPOSE?” and “ABSTAIN”, not later on that night to friends and family after the Meeting is over!








All, who would be President, please squeak up!

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In my day, we would have said the Bishop was selling Wolf Tickets! Problem is the Trustees and the School Employees were buying them!



Part 3 (THE UGLY)

will follow Saturday!



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