SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER! The New Wyandanch B.O.E. Will Be Installed In July. But There Are Pitfalls Galore! 7 Potential Board Presidents; But 2 Of That 7 Must NOT Be Elected President: SHIRLEY BAKER & NANCY HOLLIDAY! And Here’s Why! – 2nd IN A SERIES RE B.O.E. ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES 102


Tabacco: I wrote this Post over a week ago and planned to publish late in June, but after last night’s B.O.E. meeting (June 12, 2013) I knew it had to go today. Normally, I write my text in GREEN, but for this Post I shall write today’s ADDENDUM Portion of this Post in RED!



Only that Box above, the Initial portion of the Title and all RED TEXT are added today, June 13, 2013.

The Title originally began “A NEW BEGINNING!” But that was PREMATURE, so it was changed to “SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER!”


First the GOOD NEWS! The Agenda last night was extremely uneventful! Apparently the 1st Baptist Church Mafia reads TABACCO and backed off. Rumor has it that Principal Hodge doesn’t want “any conflict” (good for him!). Rumor also has it that Bishop Talbert is LYING LOW! He originally told this ‘gathering of churches’ this week that he would not be available June 12th after 7pm because he had a ‘Board Meeting’. Then he lost the Election, so he dropped the B.O.E. and stayed with the ‘gathering of churches’! Talbert was CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT from last night’s Meeting. So was Elder Tolliver.


Present were 5 of the Current Board:


       VP Shirley Baker

       Nancy Holliday

       Bishop Ron Allen

       Charlie Reed

       Defeated Trustee, Barry Sexton


I do expect that Bishop Talbert will make an appearance on June 19th! That should be the END of this Current Board’s Term! But we have NOT heard the last of the BAD BISHOP! If any Reader likes losing Money, I am open for Bet$ to the Contrary!


Talbert’s PLANS apparently seem to have been extinguished!


To read the MAIN ATROCITY attempted by that Bishop Talbert of the 1st Church of Wyandanch CONSPIRACY, read the RED TEXT under SHIRLEY BAKER below!




The Shirley Baker Exclusion is obvious! She was Talbert’s VP and formerly Board President. Baker is a member of 1st Baptist Church. Baker is the reason Talbert was brought back onto the Board initially instead of Charlie Reed. And Shirley, unwillingly it’s true, gave up the Presidency to Talbert thereby becoming Board VP.



If Michael V. Talbert is the GODFATHER,

Then Shirley Baker is the GODDAUGHTER!



If the Board elects Shirley Baker President or VP, the May Election has accomplished almost nothing! And she must be defeated when her Term is up!



June 13th ADDENDUM:

At last night’s B.O.E. MEETING, June 12th, there was a Pre-Meeting Executive Session, which lasted until 7:30pm when the actual Meeting began. It was one of the shortest on record.


Then the Board went into a 2nd Post-Meeting Executive Session.


After that 2nd Executive Session was over, Shirley Baker held an IMPROMPTU, ILLEGAL Meeting of her own, dropped a BOMB, announcing to the other Board Members present that she, Shirley Baker








Did I forget to remind you that Shirley’s Grandson, Barry Baker, has been hidden away in the Phys Ed Dept. after he pummeled one of his teen basketball players, the Williams kid, at an Amityville game last school year? Shirley, then President, threatened to expel the teen, who summarily dropped ALL CRIMINAL CHARGES against the Grandson.


Then Barry, the Grandson, threatened another Wyandanch School youth! Do you see why Nepotism is SO DANGEROUS!


So long as MA BARKER – err, I mean MA BAKER – is on the Board, Bishop Talbert has an INSIDE TRACK.


Denise Baines, former B.O.E. PRESIDENT, remarried and moved to Virginia. Her Seat was empty so the Board could nominate anyone to fill out the year in her Seat. They took Charlie Reed and Bishop Talbert into the Conference Room, came back and announced that Bishop Talbert would fill out the year for Baines. (Charlie Reed never stood a chance with MA BAKER as President).


Then in 2012, Talbert ran on his own and won a 1-year Term to complete Baines’ Term. Talbert then coerced Baker into stepping down to VP while he assumed the President’s mantel saying to Shirley, “You’re not strong enough to be President”.


That comment requires “Interpretation”, which is why I’m here! Shirley can conduct Meetings now. The PROBLEM was she was NOT QUALIFIED to NEGOTIATE CONTRACTOR KICKBACKS! To do that you must be Board President! And to negotiate every last penny, Talbert, not Baker, had to be PRESIDENT.


Now that Talbert has lost his Seat on the Board, he’s perfectly willing to allow the “UNQUALIFIED” Baker to assume the Presidency as Talbert’s PROXY!


Should Baker become President, Talbert will still run the SHOW IN ABSENTIA!


Besides Shirley Baker’s Grandson, Barry, she has also “Nepotized” the following family members:


Sister, Vanessa, is a secretary at lafrancis Hardiman Elementary


Daughter Sharon – lowest rung on totem pole w/highest salary – High School (coaches softball, volleyball, and serves as Senior class advisor: TWICE some unknown person has absconded with the Monies gathered by and for the Seniors – does anybody have any idea who the absconder could be???)


A Cousin from Suffolk, VA, has newly created job just for her


If we give Shirley Baker the Presidency of the B.O.E. again, fear NOT – Ma Baker has LOTS MORE RELATIVES STANDING IN THE BAKER FAMILY JOB LINE!






Nancy Holliday is PRESIDENT of the Wyandanch Library Board. In 2012, Holliday secured for herself a 5-Year Term, not the usual 3-Year Term, by secretly moving the Election back to April. By the time the Community found out what happened, it was too late for anyone else to get on the Ballot. We unsuccessfully ran Yvonne Holder Robinson as a “WRITE-IN” CANDIDATE. Holliday will be on the Library Board until 2017!


Then there is the problem of her brother, David Holliday, being the Wyandanch DRUG CZAR! I understand familial loyalty and all that, but this appointment under the Compass Grant, which omits any Criminal vetting, is an Abomination, which is untenable and abhorrent. Shame on Nancy!


In addition, David does NOT live on Jamaica with Nancy as stated but on Centerwood with his other sister. That is a CRIMINAL VIOLATION! This was confirmed when doing a Criminal search on the Internet. The Police Department knows where David lives even if the Suffolk County Board of Elections does NOT!



Even if Nancy Holliday were an ARCHANGEL, being President(s) of BOTH the Library and School Boards would be too much power for any one man or any one woman to claim – and Nancy Holliday-Watkins is NO ARCHANGEL!



If Nancy Holliday were elected President, you would have to lock up, not only your front and back doors, but also your teenage sons from Nancy’s now-powerful brother, David!


Nancy Holliday must NOT be the New Board President or VP! Any “DEAL”, consummated to achieve such, would be nothing more than a Perpetuation of Patronage & Nepotism – OR – BUSINESS AS USUAL!




who casts such a VOTE for either









when his or her Term is up –







Yvonne Holder Robinson, newly reelected to the B.O.E., was formerly VP under Denise Baines. She has experience. But she is also a “New” member technically. The 5 remaining Board Trustees would probably frown on a ‘newcomer’ getting the nod. She probably cannot achieve the 4 Votes required for election by the Board as President.


James Crawford, newly reelected to the B.O.E., was formerly a Trustee during the Baines administration. He, like Robinson, is only 2-years removed from serving on the B.O.E. The 5 remaining Board Trustees would probably frown on a ‘newcomer’ getting the nod. He probably cannot achieve the 4 Votes required for election by the Board as President.


Charlie Reed knows the Rules better than any of the other 6, and he has B.O.E. experience. Charlie is not perfect, but then who is? Charlie is naïve, even dangerously naïve. But one thing is certain: Charlie is as HONEST as they come in Wyandanch. If I had a Vote on the Board, Charlie Reed would get it!



June 13, 2013 ADDENDUM:

Charlie Reed stole the Meeting last night! He asked questions – piercing questions – that were often evaded. The Business Manager said, “I inherited this Budget”. Who knew that a White man could DANCE that well! His version of the new Dance Craze “The Pontius Pilate” is unparalleled!


Charlie issued an ADVISORY to “Principals” and “Vice Principals” to “Not make excuses next year about not having enough textbooks!”


Mary Jones was particularly EVASIVE when Charlie questioned her about something (OK, my memory is NOT perfect!) But I can tell you she did NOT ANSWER CHARLIE’S QUESTION! She must be taking Dance Lessons from the Business Manager!



Bishop Ron Allen is an Enigma. He seems OK, but has supported Talbert like a pre-inked Stamp. But then, who on the Board didn’t! And I am very suspicious of any and all CLERICS, who have built-in Voter support from their own Congregation. We already know what DANGERS that represents! Nevertheless, I could abide such a Presidency so long as I am capable of watching Board Maneuvers & Manipulations like a Hawk!



Apparently, Bishop Allen would like to be President! My question is this: does anybody remember the good Bishop uttering 2 words the whole time he’s been on the Board? I can’t!



ELDER TOLLIVER is an Opportunist! He goes whichever way the Wind blows – and he does so voluntarily! In short, he is a TYPICAL CLERIC IN THE 21ST CENTURY! Nor is he against accepting the Fruits of that position. He promoted his own daughter for a Nurse’s position in the Schools, but she was rejected for having no experience whatsoever – zilch! Had Talbert won the Election, Tolliver would still be in Talbert’s corner. “Clerics of a feather flock together”! You must view a Tolliver Presidency with extreme Reservations if not utter and abject FEAR! I cannot see that happening, but if it does, my Job will be no less adventurous and fraught with Trepidation than it was under Talbert’s “Reign of Terror”.





You now know the Players and their respective NEGATIVES. You should plan your entire month of July around the 1st Board Meeting of the NEW BOARD on July 2nd at 7pm. I will advise you right here on this Post the time and date as soon as I am certain.


This Vote will be the 1st Critical Test for the NEW WYANDANCH B.O.E.! Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!


Remember, this is rarely about “the Best Candidate” or the CHILDREN; it’s generally about CLIQUES, NEPOTISM, PATRONAGE, and





Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981’s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People





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