NANCY HOLLIDAY – Black Cowardice – Rumors: The April 3, 2012, Wyandanch Library Board Of Trustees Election Has Only Holliday’s Name On The Ballot – Why? And What You Can Do To Stop This Abortion Of Freedom, Democracy & Free Speech! The WYANDANCH CITIZENS’ COALITION Has A Solution!




TABACCO: Normally I do NOT publish unsubstantiated innuendo, gossip and hearsay. However, in this instance the stakes are too high and the time is too short to NOT publish this unsubstantiated innuendo, gossip and hearsay. The future of Wyandanch, New York, is at stake here!


I must bite the bullet, suppress my own cowardices and publish what I know to be true.


I was born in 1942 in Cincinnati, Ohio – I am 70 years old. I am a black man living near but not in Wyandanch. I was a very good student in elementary schools. I attended Dyer School through the 5th grade. Dyer School no longer exists.


I was moved involuntarily to Harriet Beecher Stowe School for my 6th grade year, but I would not change that move today even if I could. That proved to be an important year for me, and the experience was extremely significant. If nothing else, there was Janet Alexander, my homeroom teacher. Mrs. Alexander was a very wise woman.


She took me aside one day and said, “Normally I would select you to be the moderator when we put on a show at another school, but the school we are going to is white. I don’t want those white kids to think the only intelligent Negroes (we used that term in 1953) are those with light skin. Harvey Johnson will be the moderator this time.”


I understood then as I do now exactly what Mrs. Alexander meant and I agreed with both her logic and her decision. The kids in that 6th grade class at Harriet Beecher Stowe School called me “Mr. Encyclopedia” and they called Harvey “Mr. Dictionary”. I had almost forgotten that little fact until I began writing this Post. Harvey was darker than I, but he was equally as smart. Harvey also was transferred from Dyer to Stowe in our 6th grade. I had known Harvey Johnson all through elementary school. We were friends.


In that year, we took the Walnut Hills High School Test. WHHS is a 6-year college prep school (grades 7-12), one of the best in the nation. John Montgomery, Louise “Tweedle” Mitchell and I decided to attend Walnut Hills, but Harvey decided not to attend. He went to Taft eventually (10-12). John Montgomery left Walnut Hills after the 8th grade and ended up as President of his Senior Class at Taft. He never felt comfortable in that basically white environment, whereas I flourished there. Nobody could have predicted those differences in our personalities.


Walnut Hills provided the most important 6-years of my life! I worked like a dog there and loved it – that’s not exactly true! I felt overworked and lost most of my teen years to studying, but I certainly appreciate it today! During the school year, I played basketball in sock feet from 3-4pm on Fridays, then went home and studied all Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday until 10pm. When Loretta Young walked through that door on her show and did that spin, I was always watching. Sometimes I went to bed after the spin, but sometimes I watched the entire show before retiring. I guess I had a crush on Loretta Young.


In 1960, I applied to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. They offered me a $1,600 annual scholarship, a $250 per year job and a $250 per year loan. That comes to $2,100. The Tuition at Brown in 1960 was $2,300. Not enough to eat, sleep or travel on, not to mention my uncle would have to add $200 just for Tuition. I never even visited the campus, and I have never been to Rhode Island.


My natural father was an alcoholic and spent a good deal of his life on Paddock Road where Longview State Hospital (the mental asylum) used to be located. His name was William too, and believe it or not, this is the first time I ever made that association between my father’s name and my uncle’s! He was a painter when sober and not confined. I only lived with my mother and father 2 months. My mother had to work to support our family. When she had a baby, that baby went to stay with Aunt Dora, who had no children of her own. When I was born, my mother and father were both 41-years-old. I was the last child of William and Elveta, so I lived with my aunt and uncle permanently.


My Aunt Dora died in 1977. My Uncle Bill died in 1986. He split his financial estate between me and his granddaughter, Vivian. He left the house to Odessa, who took care of Dora and Will. Vivian didn’t like that, but I thought it was a brilliant move. Vivian already had a home; in fact she had two, including her deceased mother’s home. I used my inheritance to buy my current home on Long Island.


I still communicate with Odessa regularly today. I remembered Paddock Road, but I had to get the name “Longview” from Odessa as I’m writing this because I had forgotten.


My uncle Bill told me I’d better go to UC (University of Cincinnati), but that would have meant living at home. My aunt Dora was the sister of my mother, Elveta. I had to get away from my aunt, who drove me crazy with her multi-hour lectures and criticisms. I had to get out of Cincinnati!


I attended the same Honors classes at WHHS that Stanley Prusiner attended. Yes I Googled “Pruisner”, not “Prusiner”, but I got the right guy anyway. And, NO, we weren’t that close in school! Prusiner won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for that “Prions” stuff, whatever that is!


I don’t mean to demean “Peace”, but Prusiner won for CHEMISTRY! We’re talking gray matter here, folks! Stan Prusiner is probably as close as any of us have ever come to knowing Albert Einstein!


I also applied to Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio (if this is in error, I’m sorry. My 70-year-old mind is doing this from memory, and I’m not checking my facts). I got a scholarship offer there but don’t remember the details. I wanted to do Applied Mathematics at BROWN!


I applied to Princeton and got a scholarship there too. I don’t remember those details either.


I think I applied to Harvard, but I know that Yale came to Walnut Hills, waived the application fee for me and wanted me there very badly (remember, I was black even in 1960). I think Yale had 2 blacks (err, Negroes) on campus at that time, so like Wilt Chamberlain later declined to go to North Carolina and be the 1st, I declined attending Yale to be the 3rd.


Once I knew Brown was out of the question, my next goal was Columbia in New York City. I was accepted, but offered no money – not one red cent!


Howard University gave their Cincinnati Test at Walnut Hills. And the truth is I took that test to get out of 2 WHHS classes and meet the kids I knew in elementary school. Howard told us not to talk with each other, but there was no way I was not going to yell at Yvonne Bush! I had no interest in going to Howard. I aced Howard’s trivial test of course, they graded my paper right on the spot and my scholarship offer was made right then and there. But I was going to Brown!


Walnut Hills allowed Seniors 2-days to visit a college campus. By the time nitty-gritty came around, I already knew I couldn’t go to Brown, didn’t want to go to Yale, and Columbia wasn’t going to pay me. UC was still out of the question! So I went to Washington, DC, where I had oodles of relatives, most of whom I never met.


DC is about the size of Cincinnati, population wise. But that’s where the similarities end! Washington was a bona fide city! In addition my relatives thought I was the JOINT! I was a conquering hero among my own relatives. Howard it was!


This is where the story goes downhill. Howard was a major disappointment to me after Walnut Hills. I won’t go into details here because undoubtedly some, who read this Post, either went to Howard’s undergrad program, have children who did or do, and have positive impressions of Howard. I do not!


Yes, the grad schools (Legal, Medical, Dental etc.) are probably very good. Although my friend Junior took the New York Bar 3 times before he passed. All of Junior’s family were lawyers. I dare say many had attended Howard. But the undergrad school (Liberal Arts) is predominantly black, whereas the grad schools are predominantly not black (foreigners and whites). That’s the distinction. And a major difference it is!


I’m positive other black Howard grads know what I’m saying is true, but Blacks keep their dirt among themselves. Never let white folks know your dirt! That’s a crock! White folks, who count, all know Howard’s undergrad program is very mediocre! But then, lots of predominantly white colleges and universities are crap too!


This brings me to the present! This brings me to Wyandanch, New York. Wyandanchers prefer to keep their dirt under the carpet too. But even people in New Jersey, who have heard of Wyandanch, have heard nothing about it except BAD THINGS!


Fortunately for me, after Stowe School and before Howard University, I had 6-years of education in a non-Black environment; and I know that keeping any Corruption Dirt under the Carpet is a RECIPE FOR DISASTER!





Policemen everywhere know that when it comes to getting Black folks to come forth and tell “who did it” is next to impossible, particularly among the lesser educated Blacks! Those black family members in Florida of that slain youth corroborate the police version and blame their own slain relative! We Blacks all know what that’s about – intimidation, corruption and possibly bribery!


The Black woman, who wrote the book detailing her blood kin, J. Edgar Hoover, was warned when her parents told her the story to keep her trap shut or somebody might get killed! That’s right, J. Edgar was BLACK! Why do you think it took centuries before the Dirt about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings hit the fan! Can you say, “Fear, Intimidation & Cowardice”!


In the 1960s, lots of Blacks didn’t want to “Rock the Boat”! A crust of bread was better than no bread at all! Vernon Johns was the Negro minister at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. He was a “boat rocker”. The Church hierarchy got together and decided to replace Johns with someone less militant and more likely to “leave well enough alone”. Vernon Johns replacement was Dr. Martin luther King – was that a joke on them! In the TV film, James Earle Jones played Vernon Johns.

Yes, I had to “research” this to publish the picture above, but I saw the TV bio already. I even published about it at Blog-City, where I blogged from 2005-2011.


My Uncle Bill took me with him to Jacksonville around 1950. He was a dining car waiter on the Southern Railroad. We got a room and a newspaper. I said, “Daddy, let’s go to this movie!” He said, “No!” I said, “OK, let’s go to that movie!” He said, “No!” The only film we could see was Claudette Colbert in “Cleopatra”. But Uncle Bill would not tell me why we couldn’t go to those other movies. He was ashamed of SEGREGATION! Imagine that, a Negro ashamed of SEGREGATION!


Around 1963, this time visiting my Uncle Bill in Atlanta, I was in a car with other college students on our way to the Fox Theater, when suddenly Glade Spring, Virginia, crossed my mind. I asked if we HAD to sit in the balcony! The reply was, “Yes!” I demanded out of the car and walked to Mosby or Mosley Park where they played music and had a large gazebo, perfect for dancing. I taught the young folks of Atlanta to do the ‘Madison’, the current dance craze. The film I missed seeing at the Fox and have never seen since? ‘The Defiant Ones’, in which Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis are chained to each other while escaping the Law!


In Atlanta, I also heard the original of Ray Charles’ “What Did I Say”, which was recorded in front of an actual audience (you could tell), not a few people in a recording studio. The original song was “Baby, Shake That Thing”, which apparently was too risqué for 1960s America – but it was just fine for Atlantans and just fine for me! To this day, I am unable to find “Baby, Shake That Thing”!


There was Linda Peterson in my 7th or 8th grade Social Studies class. We were discussing the 1954 Supreme Court Decision. Linda lived out on “The Hill” with the white folks. I lived downtown with the black folks. Linda tried to hide under her desk; she was so ashamed of Segregation and our own kind. I figured even then that was because she had gone to school and lived with white kids all along, whereas I had not. I knew the BLAME FOR SEGREGATION LAY WITH WHITE FOLKS, NOT BLACK!


Around 1959 in Cincinnati, a group of Jews was picketing after school the Rexall Drug Stores or Woolworth’s Department Stores in Cincinnati to de-Segregate their lunch counters in the South. These Jewish students invited me, and I went. The store was on Macmillan, east of Peebles Corner. I was the only Black there. All the other picketers were Jews! Imagine that! Jews were standing up for blacks, who would not stand up for themselves! I went picketing everyday from then on so there would be at least one black face!


My own mother, Elveta, tried to enter the store, but I got in front of her like an offensive guard blocking a defensive tackle in football and prevented her from entering. My mother was a devout churchgoing woman! She knew I was right and that she was wrong! She laughed heartily and went home!


I have always been a talker – but you can bet your booty I talked about the 1954 Supreme Court Decision in Social Studies classes. I was the only black, who did!


I have lots of other War Stories, but this is neither the time nor the place. I tell some of my own history here to let you know exactly who I am. If I don’t, why should you believe or trust what I say!






Nancy Holliday is the current President of the Wyandanch Public Library on South 20th Street, near Straight Path, in Wyandanch. She also is a Trustee on the Wyandanch Board Of Education.


In 1960 I entered Howard University. As I previously stated, this was not a uniformly happy marriage. However there was Whist! I lived in Drew Hall, but everyday during my first semester as a freshman, I played Whist in Carver Hall. Stokely Carmichael also played Whist daily! It was Stokely’s head I beat on when Mazeroski of the Pirates hit that homerun to whip the Yankees! New Yorkers were so conceited! Stokely and his pal from the Bronx School of Science, Jimmy Paul, were bragging about how many runs the Yankees would win Game-7 by! I became a Pirate fan that day! When the Packers shut out the Giants, 38-0 I think, we were not on campus, so I was denied the pleasure of a REPEAT HEAD-SLAPPING!


But New York City conceit aside, Stokely went on to become the Stokely Carmichael we all remember and revere, while I went on to become a self-serving, do-nothing Negro. I didn’t even know what was going on in the 1960s – and I was living in DC.


I had a math test scheduled for that day in 1963. I had not even studied for it. I’m on scholarship at Howard and wasn’t even cracking my books! When the announcement came over the public address system just as I headed for math class that the “President has been shot”, I thought they meant the President of Howard University – wishful thinking, I guess!


So I am trying to atone for those days when I didn’t “Rock the Boat” by “Rocking the Boat” today – in Wyandanch!


In September, 2010, I attended a 50th Anniversary Reunion at Walnut Hills. When I returned to Long Island, I decided that if I was ever going to do anything worthwhile it would have to be now! I started attending Wyandanch School Board Meetings. I knew Wyandanch had problems. I just didn’t know how bad those problems were.


I cross-referenced the School Board with the Library Board, seeking a common member. Only Nancy Holliday fit the bill. I sought her out and we became fast friends! When a movie was on we had already discussed, either I called Nancy or Nancy called me to turn the channel.


I believed Holliday, Shirley Baker and Bishop Sexton on the School Board were the “Good Guys” and Denise Baines and her 4-3 Majority were the “BAD GUYS”. When Nancy Holliday was reelected to the B.O.E. in May, 2011, I applauded profusely! I thought Wyandanch had got it right!


When Denise Baines moved to Virginia, but did not abdicate her seat as B.O.E. President, I tracked her down and published her address. That was then, and this is now. I talk to Denise Baines-Harrington on a regular basis now. I now know that I was “had” by Nancy Holliday and Shirley Baker, but particularly by Nancy Holliday! You see, even a brilliant Walnut Hills alumnus such as I can be dead wrong!


President of the Wyandanch Public Library, Nancy Holliday, is up for reelection on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, for the Library Board of Trustees. And this Election is for a 5-YEAR TERM! If Nancy wins, she won’t have to run again until 2017! Hers is the ONLY NAME ON THE BALLOT! Why?


Library Board Elections, just like School Board Elections, generally occur in Wyandanch in May. But Nancy got some clever advice – I’m positive that cleverness came from Bishop Michael V. Talbert. So Nancy moved the Election and the

Budget Vote to April 3rd this year.


The Cutoff date for applying to be on that ballot was March 1, 2012. Guess what! Nobody knew outside of a few on the Library Board, and they weren’t talking! By the time we found out, March 1 was gone! Nancy Holliday gets to run UNOPPOSED! Wasn’t that clever of her and Bishop Talbert!


Someone, who is certified as a teacher, looked up Nancy on the Internet to see if she was certified; her name is not there! Is this an oversight or is Nancy not being forthcoming? Inquiring minds want to know!


Nancy once defeated Talbert for a School Board spot, as did Denice Baines. But Greed and Corruption have made Talbert and Holliday “strange bedfellows”!


We refer to Nancy as “Nancy Sue Holliday”. That’s not her given name; we added “Sue” because of all the Lawsuits she has instituted against WYANDANCH!


The first Lawsuit was for her hubby, whose name nobody seems to know. I put through a FOIL request too late to get the particulars of that $500,000 Lawsuit before I had to publish this Post.


Her husband’s name can’t be “Holliday” because her brother is David Holliday. So Nancy is using her maiden name, not her married name. I finally asked someone, who would know, what is Nancy Holliday’s married name, and all that person said to me was, “Sparkle”. Does anybody out there know anyone named “Sparkle”? I tried Googling it but came up empty!

“Sparkle, who loves ya’, baby!”

Once Nancy found the “Joy of Suing Wyandanch”, there was no stopping her! Recently a young lady had a run-in with a young fellow, possibly of a sexual nature. No damage was done, but Nancy wanted the young lady to SUE! Hopefully, my FOIL requests will be answered, but not before April 3rd!


Nancy Holliday’s only visible means of support is her SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. “But how can that be?”, you ask! Nancy Holliday “Whatever” has two jobs, unpaid though they may be.


I don’t wish to misinform anyone. Nancy is NOT LAZY! She leaves her home early in the morning and returns home late at night after working feverishly to augment her “fixed income” with her two jobs on a daily basis. However, those street drug dealers, who sometimes work all night, also work extremely hard!


Several of her neighbors thought Holliday was a CEO in some Corporate environment. We received “gossip” about those large boxes Nancy was putting out for the trash man. Refrigerators, stoves, computers, TVs – our Nancy is quite the BIG SPENDER these days on mostly BIG TICKET ITEMS – and on her Fixed Income (Social Security Disability Benefits! We could all learn a lesson from Nancy in personal budgeting!


A LIBRARY “FORENSIC” AUDIT might reveal where the money for those extraordinary purchases is coming from, or at least where it is NOT coming from. Perhaps there was a significant increase in Holliday’s Social Security income? However, unless Holliday is defeated on April 3rd, a Forensic Audit will be fought tooth-and-nail by her and a few others.


I received an e-mail yesterday evening pointing out certain discrepancies and exploitations by several members of the Library and their relatives. I must file this under the heading of “Cowardice” since my request for a phone call from that individual has been ignored. Yes, I included my phone number in my e-mail reply. Obviously, our folks will only “tell” under complete secrecy. I would not have published that individual’s name. Hell, I hesitate to publish my own name although I know for a fact that Holliday and all the other Bureaucrats in Wyandanch already know my name, address, telephone number, website, etc. etc.


But I am positive it was not Holliday or one of her cronies, who gave out my e-mail address. No, it was one of my cronies, who did. See, even the Good Guys and my friends act cowardly in Wyandanch under threats from on high!


A few tidbits from that e-mail (again, I know not from whence it came, but there is too much info and there are too many players named for it to be totally without merit):


To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing because I have been advised of some rather unorthodox activities that are taking place at Wyandanch Public Library. The existing library board that has been in place for several years is having a detrimental impact on the library, the library’s employees and the Wyandanch community. I am contacting you on their behalf because the employees are in fear of losing their jobs and retaliation from board members.


“Several librarians who formerly worked at Wyandanch Public Library have submitted complaints to the Suffolk County Civil Service Commission and to the Suffolk County Library Association


“The library collection is severely outdated and there have hardly been any new books purchased within the past few years. That is, except for the volumes of legal books that are ordered regularly to supplement Ms. Ghenya Grant’s law practice.


“The elementary schools in Wyandanch do not have libraries so the children in this community are solely dependent upon the public library for educational and recreational reading resources. How are the students in this community supposed to thrive under these circumstances?


The library building stands neglected with outdated books, menial resources, and dilapidated bookcases while certain members of the board are living the “good life” off the money that was allocated for library resources.


“Last year at the 2012 ALA conference, Ms. Ghenya Grant (the former board president) and her mother, LaFlorence Grant decided to stay an extra week in New Orleans at the library’s expense. That action, along with other allegations of missing funds, resulted in Ms. Grant being ousted from the president position to a trustee spot. Additionally, Ms. LaFlorence Grant earns a salary for running an Early Literacy Program at the Library. Ms. Grant is rarely onsite to run the program and usually leaves the kids unattended in the Children’s Department when the program ends.


“The current board president, Ms. Nancy Holliday, has made nepotism an art form. Almost all of the non-librarian staff are related to or connected to her in some fashion. The head custodian is her nephew, Qwasi McCorvey. He is the full time custodian who is never actually on the premises, yet he receives full time compensation. One of his children is also a page at the librarian. Roderick Peele, the IT Technician, is the son of Ms. Holliday’s good friend. He doesn’t have an actual IT background and has yet to actually repair a computer but he makes more per hour than the certified librarians on staff. Freedasia Motley, another close acquaintance of Ms. Holliday, is a library page who was just promoted to “Director of Operations.”  Even if this position does exist, Ms. Motley has no managerial experience or training to qualify for it. Under Ms. Holliday’s supervision, the library has also implemented some rather unconventional procedures.


“Additionally, Ms. Motley and other patrons are allowed to leave their children unsupervised in the library and the librarians on duty are expected to look after them. The library has a written policy that no child under 9 is supposed to be left unattended, but the library staff is not allowed to enforce this policy. The library staff is also not allowed to ban unruly patrons and as a result many of the library staff and patrons are often verbally assaulted and ridiculed by the same group of menacing teenagers.



“…As a result, the library is losing another library director due to constant interference and scrutiny from the board. Simply put, the director was not allowed to do his job or reprimand certain employees for not doing theirs.


“Ms. Grant, Ms. Holliday, and the remaining board members who are playing deaf, dumb, and blind to the atrocities being committed at Wyandanch Public Library are creating and fostering a toxic and hostile work environment that is resulting in a constant turnover of conscientious librarians and clerical staff who refuse to work under these detrimental conditions and ultimately a lack of quality resources and services for the Wyandanch community.



It is infuriating to learn that the Wyandanch Library Board has been allowed to perpetuate this behavior for years and nothing has been done about it. Where is the outrage from and for the residents of this community who are already so economically challenged that they don’t realize they are being viciously brutalized and robbed of resources and services by the library board members? Why is this board allowed to continue its reign of terror and intimidation tactics against hard-working professionals who care more about the Wyandanch community and residents than they do?

It’s time for someone to speak out and act on behalf of the residents of the Wyandanch Community. Will you be that person to champion for this cause??”


Well, secret CIA person, I will do my best with what little I have! We must rely on these good Readers to do their duty in SECRET and vote WRITE-IN CANDIDATE




since getting her on the ballot after March 1, 2012, was an impossibility! Who is Yvonne Holder Robinson and how did she become our “Write-In” candidate?


There was a Meeting last Tuesday at a Church of the WCC (Wyandanch Citizens’ Coalition). Some Traitors among us reported that meeting to Nancy Holliday and she had them call the Minister of the Church to threaten, cajole, complain and frighten. I received a call from that Minister less than an hour and a half before the Meeting was to take place. He mentioned fire and bombing that might ensue if anything pejorative was uttered against Nancy Holliday.


We had a very orderly Meeting, although several members of the WCC were upset with the restrictions to Speech that I relayed to them from the Minister.


We asked for Volunteers to run as Write-In Candidate, and only Yvonne Holder Robinson stepped forward. At least we tried to deploy democracy!


But who is our “Write-In Candidate”, Yvonne Holder Robinson?




You MUST Write-In Candidate’s Name Exactly As Above Because Only One Name Is On The Ballot

For Wyandanch Library Board Of Trustees


WHY? Because Yvonne Holder Robinson truly cares about our students, will NOT use the Library’s Money to “feather her own nest”, and is NOT in cahoots with those Wyandanch Library Board members who seek only to benefit their own Relatives and Friends


GOALS: Make Library for Research Study, not just for Facebook,

Permit Tutoring for ALL by anyone who is qualified,

Make certain our kids can compete academically

Remove Veil of Secrecy that exists today, Make Environment Safe

Update Library to comparable status to nearby Districts

$1.3 Million spent on Library, not Relative’s Inflated Salary


QUALIFICATIONS: Wyandanch HS Alumnus, Wyandanch Homeowner, Community Resident almost 50 years, 4 Adult Children & 11 Grandchildren in Wyandanch System, Registered Family Day Care Provider 20 years, member of Child Care Council, Atlas School Team, PTA V.P., P.T.O., Wyandanch B.O.E. VP, Director Whole Truth Church Summer Feeding Program, P.L.I. Town of Babylon Program, member Democratic Party, County Committee Woman for 56th District of Town Of Babylon and more but space here is limited.


WHERE:    Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 7:00am-9:00pm

                  Wyandanch Public Library

                  14 South 20th Street

                  Wyandanch, NY 11798

You must write-in my name or 5 more years of EXPLOITATION!


Not bad for a Write-In Candidate, if I do say so myself!


AND VOTE AGAINST THE BUDGET Unless You Want The Crooks To Handle Library Funds!

I don’t have much time, because there is lots more I could tell you about Nancy “Sue” Holliday. But this is Sunday, April 1, 2012, 3:45pm, and this is DEFINITELY NOT AN APRIL FOOL’S JOKE! We, of the WCC, are deadly serious as should you be!


In attempting to tell a relatively clean story about some very dirty individuals, may I mention in passing that David Holliday, who makes $60K as Drug Tsar (he was a Catholic priest, then a drug user himself, and finally a boy molester – yes, the charges were dropped as they often are when someone is politically well connected. Now Nancy’s brother holds power over our Youth!


There is the Williams boy, who was beaten senseless at Amityville HS by Shirley Baker’s grandson, an employee of Wyandanch HS. The cowardly Pless Dickerson, who cannot get a $190K gig anywhere else but Wyandanch because of his own public humiliation in Westbury for his own drug bust several years ago, refused to do anything about it. Baker, Holliday, Talbert and gang threatened to EXPEL the 12th grader, not punish Shirley Baker’s grandson. The boy asked his mother to drop the Police Investigation. He was NOT DISMISSED!


The cowardly Pless Dickerson reared his ugly head in an earlier instance, also involving Shirley Baker kin – her daughter, Sharon, who also works for the Wyandanch Administration. It seems she requested personal info on 2 other Wyandanch employees, invoking her mother’s position as B.O.E. President, which is ILLEGAL!


Baker told Dickerson to “BACK OFF ON MY DAUGHTER”, which the cowardly lion did toûte suite!


There was a very nice gentleman, Mr. Van Hubbs aged 90, who was a member of the WCC. He took me with him one day for lunch at the Senior Citizens’ Center on Wyandanch Avenue. One of our WCC members, Ummi Morgan, works there.


Van Hubbs was in ill health and told me himself that he was dying. One day, he called me via telephone to express grave doubts about a transaction with a contractor that he was entering into. That contractor told Mr. Hubbs that the work he required would cost him $139,000, but that HUD would kick in $9,000, so that Mr. Hubbs only had to kick in $130,000.


That’s an OLD CON ARTIST’S TRICK! HUD had nothing to do with it! They merely charged Mr. Hubbs $130,000, and told him HUD was involved to waylay any misgivings Mr. Hubbs might have had. Mr. Hubbs was 90-years-old; even younger folks have been taken in by Scams like that one!


Anyone, familiar with the current state of real estate in Wyandanch, knows that selling a really up-to-date house for even $130,000 is no Slam-Dunk.


I have a personal lawyer, Mr. Frank Chery, 510 Sunrise Hwy, W. Babylon, NY, who is so honest he makes Perry Mason look like Algonquin J. Calhoun! So I setup an appointment. Mr. Chery did research on the two firms involved and found not a pretty story. I attempted to talk Mr. Hubbs out of going ahead with the deal.


Next morning when we (Mr. Hubbs and I) spoke, those flim-flam contractors and financiers had already been to his home and closed the deal because they knew he was having 2nd thoughts. In good conscience, I could not ask Mr. Hubbs to pay the lawyer for his work, and since I initiated the meeting, I sent the lawyer a check for $100.00, which he accepted and deposited.


I also wrote a note to Mr. Chery and kept a copy for myself because I run a business (sole proprietor) and know about maintaining records. Enter Nancy Holliday! She saw Mr. Hubbs and me conversing, inquired of him as to why. Holliday then began spreading RUMORS that I was trying to fleece Mr. Hubbs out of his “in-need-of-repair” property! She used Mr. Hubbs to undermine my credibility in the community! Nancy Holliday is a USER!


I couldn’t wait for my bank statement to throw it in Holliday’s face when I confronted her! However, I never found the right time to confront that LIAR! And I never showed my “Proof” to Mr. Hubbs because then he might have mistrusted 2 people instead of only me. Reviving my own reputation suddenly felt like nothing compared to Van Hubbs’ own Prognosis Negative. God bless Van Hubbs!


About a month ago, Mr. Hubbs died!

Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981’s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.


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6 Responses to NANCY HOLLIDAY – Black Cowardice – Rumors: The April 3, 2012, Wyandanch Library Board Of Trustees Election Has Only Holliday’s Name On The Ballot – Why? And What You Can Do To Stop This Abortion Of Freedom, Democracy & Free Speech! The WYANDANCH CITIZENS’ COALITION Has A Solution!

  1. Mrs. Denise Harrington says:

    This is a crime, Nancy Sue Holliday is a pig, and how dare she run another few years for any board.
    People please wake up Wyandanch; her family has just received a guaranteed job for another 5 years, wow, the employee’s better watch themselves, another 5 ass kissing years. Unless you’re related to her. You know them, we all do.
    David (BRO), Debra (SIS) Quasis (nephew) Quasis’s daughter, and a host of friends of friends. OOP let’s not forget MR. DELANO STWART (aka weasel) whose salary is over $500.00 (five hundred dollars) just to write to the bulletin, “WOW” WEASEL aka-Stewart” you’re desperate.
    Almost as desperate as when we meet that night at the jelly bean. Now run write that.
    David your stint at Phoenix House are you cured? It’s only hearsay but you told me your lover died, and you turned to drugs. Are you still grieving? Did you pay Deloris McCall her five hundreds back?

    Wyandanch, stop playing games Nancy is a big and I mean big old tired pussy cat, don’t be afraid stand up to her, we can do it as a group tar and feathers and run her out of town.

  2. Jasper Guerrero says:

    If the Trustees violated the law regarding election procedures by switching the date and not notifying the public then all of you concerned citizens need to call Suffolk County Service. Call and let them know that the law has been broken. Contact the NY State Regent Roger Tilles who is responsible for the schools and public libraries in this area of NY. Call Newsday and News 12. Call the Suffolk County DA and ask for a forensic investigation to happen. The more people call then the greater chance for change.
    I believe that the law requires notice of petition for Trustee seats up for election. Most libraries use their Newsletter to do this and they have to post a notice of all candidates in a public place 30 days before the election.

  3. Freedasia Motley says:

    It has come to my attention that I have been posted on this blog that I assume is to uplift the Wyandanch Community, yet there is nothing posted on here but a whole bunch of slander, ignorant and outlandish lies. I’m solely here to defend myself as well as carry myself as the professional person that I am. Yes! I am employed as a Library Page at the Wyandanch Public Library. I think some have been misinformed for I am not “Director of Operations”. To state that I have no managerial training, you know nothing about me. I have a degree and am in the process of earning my 2nd degree. I have attended various library conferences and workshops to assist me in providing quality service to the people of Wyandanch. In regards of Ms. Nancy Holliday, President of the Board of Trustees being a close acquaintance of mine, you have once again been misinformed. I was hired by the former Director, Corey Fleming not by Ms. Holliday. I am a hardworking single mother and anything I have earned I have worked hard for it.Nothing was given to me. I treat every patron (customer) that enters the Library with respect. I do my job to the best of my capabilities and provide excellent service to the Wyandanch Comunity. I would hope that you would refrain from using my name in such negativity.

    • says:

      Freedasia Motley:

      First, I don’t know who you are and did not recognize your name, and second, I didn’t know what you were talking about. I had to research my Comments received to figure it out. Someone, who did not identify him- or herself, made the Comments to which I think you are referring. That’s what happens when you “hear” things and don’t even bother to read for yourself.

      Those Comments were so vindictive I had to edit out some things myself. However, I felt it relevant, and the Commenter obviously knows a great deal about the Library. Whether his or her conclusions are correct I cannot determine.

      I don’t even go to the Library – so how could I even know who or what you are. Assume is spelled “ass-u-me”! Saying, “whole bunch of slander, ignorant and outlandish lies” is vague and lacks explicit references (specifics). Nobody could possibly refute such a statement as that. If you are attempting to mount a defense, you do a very poor job. As to my own Post, I stand by each and every word. If I should find out I’ve erred on a single point, I will always print a “Retraction”. There is nothing in your Comment, which even applies to me. I republished a Comment from an unnamed individual with parts edited out, which I deemed irrelevant or too broad.

      “To state that I have no managerial training, you know nothing about me.” – I do know nothing about you because I didn’t write it! However, I am learning things, which are not positive.

      “I would hope that you would refrain from using my name in such negativity.” – You should read for yourself before you make such off-target remarks!

      “I assume is to uplift the Wyandanch Community, yet there is nothing posted on here but a whole bunch of slander, ignorant and outlandish lies.” – I do not “uplift” by writing platitudes and happy words and phrases. Churchgoers do that with no positive results except to improve their own dispositions temporarily. I tell the truth! I cannot be responsible for the opinions of others. Since you have drawn erroneous conclusions yourself, you are the last person to criticize me for doing that.

      Should you decide to respond again, hopefully my Comment here will aid you in doing so correctly.

      Have a good day,

      Tabacco (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization)

  4. pokerbonus says:

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    • says:


      Name 1! I spell-check every Post. If there is a misspelling, I may have intended it. Your comment critique is too generic and uncheckable. I don’t think you even seriously read any of my Posts. Almost all comments here, of which there is a plethora, are rubber stamped by bloggers with a product or a service to sell – you are just looking for free advertising!


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