INVALIDATION EUPHORIA! The Michael V. Talbert Dragon Is Slain: Our Candidate, James Crawford 254 Votes To Talbert’s 155 Votes + Yvonne Robinson 242 Votes To Sexton’s 106 Votes. You Did Great, Wyandanch – Savor Your Victory! But Other Dragons Are Stepping Up To Take Talbert’s Throne! + Wyandanch’s ‘Person Of The Year’



MAY 22, 2013

Tabacco will finish this Post tomorrow. I have allowed my own personal business to go undone and there’s a Library Board Meeting tonight, May 22, 2013, at 6pm.


This is NOT a Destination; IT’S A VOYAGE! We will see if the Pen is Mightier Than The Sword!




May 23, 2013,





After rushing to get ready and taking a $6 taxi ride to the Wyandanch Public Library for a Library Board Meeting, which generally occurs on the 4th Wednesday of the month, I arrived to find the Meeting was postponed until next Wednesday, May 29, 2013, at 6pm. I hope to see a healthy Citizens’ Turnout next Wednesday.





MAY 25, 2013,




Back to the School Board Election!




Voters do not vote for Board President or Board VP. Voters vote for Trustees. There are 7 Trustees. In July’s 1st Board Meeting those 7 Trustees will vote for one of their number to be President and another of their number to be VP.


I will discuss those Options in great detail during the month of June and advise you of POSSIBLE PITFALLS into which the NEW B.O.E. must NOT FALL!


The current President, Bishop Talbert, was defeated and will only ‘be in charge’ through June. After that, the two new members, James Crawford and Yvonne Holder Robinson, will take their seats on the Board replacing Talbert and Sexton respectively.


At that time Shirley Baker will no longer have leadership status unless bestowed upon her by the NEW B.O.E.



Bishop Talbert got 155 Votes, but Elder Sexton only received 106. Why do you think that is? I think it’s because lots of Talbert’s people decided not to vote for 2A (Robinson) or 2B (Sexton) once Sexton began campaigning against Talbert. Realizing that Talbert’s Negatives were too large to overcome, Sexton began blaming all the School problems on Talbert and attempted to disassociate himself from Talbert. Instead of getting the anti-Talbert Vote, he lost a large part of the Talbert Vote. Sexton’s Desperate Strategy FAILED BIG TIME.


Crawford 254                            Robinson 242

Talbert     155                            Sexton     106

1A/1B      409                            2A/2B        348


Robinson received 12 fewer Votes than Crawford. But Sexton received 49 fewer Votes than Talbert and 136 fewer Votes than Robinson.


If I were Sexton, I’d be looking for a new landlord because I don’t think my current landlord (Talbert) likes me anymore!

There is a problem, which is exacerbated in Wyandanch. That problem is electing members of the Clergy to School Boards and Library Boards. Bishops and Elders of large Churches invariably can count on the Votes of their own Parishioners, particularly those Parishioners, who owe their Jobs to their own Clerics!


This invariably leads to Jobs for and only for those Parishioners, who give KICKBACKS to those Elite Churches. (They call them ‘Tithes’, but a Thorn by another other name would hurt just as bad).


Those Clerics can then count on those, receiving PATRONAGE & NEPOTISM (wives and other Family members are a subdivision of Patronage), for their Votes, Support and to obstruct at Meetings any and all Objections to the Policies of the Clerics dispensing the Favoritism & Cronyism.


When those Clerics (such as Bishop Talbert) gain control of a B.O.E., there is no opportunity for the Public as a whole to apply for and obtain any job (unless and until they kickback a Tithe to the Church).


Where in the Bible does it state that only members of 1st Baptist Church are qualified or most qualified to obtain positions under the purview of the Wyandanch B.O.E.!


Indeed there are instances when a Relative or Friend is most qualified for a particular position. And the Standards are extremely low in Wyandanch for Nepotism appointments. You need 5 Votes instead of only 4!


Wyandanch currently has 4 such Clerics: Talbert, Sexton, Elder Tolliver and Bishop Allen. When they combine Forces, you know who gets the Jobs and which Churches get the TITHES!


Can you say, “SLAM-DUNK!”




Preview of Future

Education Posts


Everybody talks about ‘Education’, but nobody on School Boards in Wyandanch ever does anything about it! I hope to END THAT LONGTERM PRACTICE!


This B.O.E. Concentration on Administration, Maternity Leaves, Hirings & Firings, Capital Improvements, Drug Tsars, Phoenix House, Super Testing and Brass Bands may be nice. Some may even be Necessary. But what about ACTUALLY EDUCATING THE STUDENTS!






Some of you may not know this Fact, but Wyandanch Students may NOT take their textbooks home. Those Textbooks must remain at School. How does anyone study or reference anything in one’s Textbook on Saturday or Sunday if that Textbook is in the School Building!


I shall begin in June a Series of Posts about ACTUAL EDUCATION. ‘EDUCATION 101’ will deal with the ABOMINABLE HISTORY of Wyandanch in PREVENTING STUDENTS FROM TAKING THEIR BOOKS HOME!






Some of our best and most experienced Minds are wasted because they do not TITHE specific Churches!


I shall mention only 3 such Individuals.


1 – BETTY JO JOYNES, Wyandanch Town Clerk, is NOT RETIRING on her own volition. She is being FORCED OUT BY TALBERT so her ‘understudy’ can take her place and TITHE, no doubt you can guess to which Church!


It would not be so bad if the ‘Understudy’ had any Intellect or Potential at all. But she has neither! How do I know this? Because of the amount of time Joynes has been retained to train this Imbecile – that’s how I know! Had she been in the least bit competent, Joynes would have been ‘retired’ in 2012!


And NO, BISHOP TALBERT, I have NEVER discussed this Understudy Issue with Betty Jo Joynes. I am an Executive Recruiter (a ‘HEADHUNTER’) by profession. I don’t need or want anyone to tell me that, which any Headhunter could deduce on his own!


2 – DARLEEN PETERSON, former Grant Administrator, who was FIRED so Talbert’s wife, Gina, could have her Job at twice the pay and only half the effort!


3 – JOI BONNER, currently Principal of a School in Brooklyn. She herself advised me that she was denied an opportunity to serve Wyandanch because, as she said, “I belong to the wrong Church!”






Darleen Peterson has a comparable position and more Money doing the same thing in Roosevelt! So Wyandanch has lost that particular Asset!


This is what happens when Voters DON’T VOTE, when Citizens don’t PARTICIPATE, and when CLERICS GAIN CONTROL OF THE B.O.E.






Bishop Talbert has many faults, I’m certain. But one his most grievous faults is ‘Underestimating Women’.


He underestimates the Women, who Vote.


He underestimates the Women, he offends personally and as a Group.


He underestimates the Women, who attend his Church and do not depend on him for their own sustenance. One day they must open their eyes and see him for what he is – not a messenger of the Lord, but a selfish, self-centered, shallow man, who exploits his own Church, Wyandanch, his own children and indeed his own wife. When that day comes, I shall unabashedly rejoice!


He offends his own Wife with Extracurricular Activities best left unsaid here lest this Blog become primarily a Gossip Grapevine, not a Source of Relevant Information.







No doubt this Blog contributed to the ‘education’ of our Citizens about the Political Crimes and Misdemeanors being perpetrated in our Community. However, no Investigative Reporter, whether paid by Newsday or an unpaid Blogger such as yours truly, can possibly inform without reliable and consistent sources.


It has been my privilege to collaborate with ‘Wyandanch’s Person of the Year’. In deed, it is not an exaggeration to say that this woman has attained the status of CO-AUTHOR on this Blog. Without her information and support, this Blog would not be possible.


She planned, organized, and coordinated the Campaign to dethrone Bishop Talbert and his cohort, Elder Sexton, while still maintaining her home & family and working outside the home in Virginia all at the same time.


This must be a ‘Female’ thing because I couldn’t do it! I let my personal life and sole proprietor business slide while doing my part to defeat Talbert & Sexton. Thank God for a woman like this!


Our ‘Person Of The Year’ single-handedly and tirelessly brought about the Coalition of Organizations and Individuals, who donated time and materials to the Effort. This included securing donations of Political street signs, TV advertising, printing Flyers, supplying envelopes and postage, stuffing those Flyers into those envelopes, mailing and distributing Flyers, explaining to the Citizenry how important this Election was to the Voters.


I am not at liberty to divulge those Individuals and Groups – they know who they are! We owe a debt to each and every Individual, who contributed to the Effort.


I refer to her as DBH. Many of you know her as Denise Baines, former President of the Wyandanch School Board. She has remarried and moved to Virginia, but her heart is still in Wyandanch. She goes fishing in her bare feet and here is proof of her expertise in that endeavor:


(No, those are not Talbert and Sexton, but I’m sure they feel just like those fish our Heroine caught!)


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you










Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981’s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

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