Meet The Candidates Night & Wyandanch B.O.E. Budget Meeting 2013 Tuesday, May 14th!




‘Meet The Candidates Night’ was originally scheduled for 7pm on May 14th. But then



The Budget Meeting was set at exactly the same time on the same day. Imagine that! In addition to the Citizens being unable to attend both, the Incumbent Candidates, Bishop Michael V. Talbert, President, and Elder Barry Sexton, Trustee, would have both been unable to attend both functions. Guess which function they would have to choose!


So we had to reschedule ‘Meet The Candidates Night’ at an earlier time: 5pm, not 7pm! Ergo





Tuesday, May 14th from 5PM-7PM at


14 South 20th Street (west of Straight Path)



followed immediately by the





Tuesday, May 14th from 7PM-9PM at

Wyandanch School Administration Bldg

1445 Straight Path




Wyandanch Parent Advocates (WPA)sponsors ‘Meet The Candidates Night’ ONLY –


Parents & Non-Parent Residents,

Homeowners & Renters

should all attend both Meetings because they both directly affect YOU, your taxes, rents and students!



Now the Incumbent Candidates have no excuse to miss either Meeting! How clever! All is saved – or is it!


The Rosa Parks Civic Association held an event, which included presentations by the 4 Candidates, on Thursday, May 9th at the Wyandanch Library – if you said 7pm, you are correct.



All 4 Candidates made presentations:


James Crawford vs. Michael V. Talbert




Yvonne Holder Robinson vs. Barry Sexton



Bishop Talbert was particularly impressive in his obviously expensive suit, coordinated tie and shirt. He looked like he had just stepped out of Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine. I guess it was no big thing for him since he can afford to send all 4 of his school-aged children to Private Schools, not Wyandanch Public Schools!


When prompted by an audience member, the well-healed Bishop replied,


“I started my children off in Wyandanch Public Schools, but when the Schools went downhill, I transferred them to Private Schools. I’m sure you would do the same thing if you could afford it!”


Wasn’t that nice of the Bishop to remind Wyandanch Residents of the difference between his own Elite Financial position and the meager Financial condition of most Wyandanch Residents.


Is it any wonder that his wife, Gina Talbert, has 2 jobs (courtesy of the School Board where her hubby resides as President):



1 – Grant Position        About $150,000 per annum

       Gina Talbert only works 3 days per week, which translates to $250,000 per annum for 5-days per week. Gina’s predecessor, Darleen Peterson, worked 5 days a week and her salary was $75,000 per annum. Does anyone out there in Blog Land know of anyone else, who submitted his or her own curriculum vitae for that lucrative spot? If you know of anyone, who even knew about the spot, please contact Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!


Incidentally, Darleen Peterson was summarily fired to create the opening for Gina. Yes, I have spoken with Darleen Peterson myself!


Maybe someone reading this Article will FOIL Wyandanch and request proof of publication fees paid to advertise that particular position. If you FOIL and receive any such proofs, please comment here – I would love to publish any such receipts.


2 – Supervising 2 Elementary School Principles $30,000

       Combined, the 1st Lady of 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch, Gina Talbert, is taking in a cool $180,000 per annum for 2 jobs any halfway intelligent person could do with better results, more effort and require much less Payola!



If you want to know some of the other Atrocities done since Bishop Talbert joined the Board and replaced Shirley Baker as President (Baker also attends 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch), scroll down and read other Posts here.



One in particular strikes me as offensive:


Q. Did you know that President Talbert negotiated a ‘Settlement’ with Sherman Roberts for a prior lawsuit, ignored by Denise Baines (former Board President), in the amount of $500,000? No? Well, now you do know!


Now, Class, would anybody care to venture a guess as to how much of that $500,000 Loot you didn’t know about ended up in the pockets of our venerable Michael V. Talbert! Go ahead – guess!



While I’m rolling, I might as well tell you of some more recent Atrocities!


The recent Audit uncovered 3 Administration members, who submitted phony PhD degrees, which automatically incur about $5,000 more each year. We’re talking in the $30K-$40K range for several years of Scamming.


So to obviate the need for A) Sherman Roberts to payback his Ill-gotten Gains out of his own pocket, the Talberts concocted another ‘Settlement’ in the amount of $32,000 so Roberts would NOT have to payback his Loot out of his own pocket.



Audit uncovered Roberts’ phony PhD, which requires he refund the Loot > Talbert initiates a $32,000 ‘Settlement’ for Roberts > Roberts can then turn that $32,000 into the Loot Repayment – clever, right!



To prevent Wyandanch Citizens from knowing what the Talbert Board was up to, they referred to the 3 Miscreants as A, B & C. Unfortunately for them, I was present at the Board Meeting when that Ruse was effected and figured out who A was – Sherman Roberts!


To accommodate Larry McCord – he of the phony Internet PhDs also – the Talberts concocted another scheme, which required the complicity of Mary Jones and Larry McCord.


Larry McCord filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Board and Mary Jones for SEXUAL HARRASSMENT. He claimed that she grabbed his penis and told him that if he wanted to keep his job, he would behave and say nothing about it.


Good News: the Lawsuit was found totally WITHOUT MERIT! After all, McCord and Jones were the only 2 in the room at the time! The Hoodlums figured this was a Slam Dunk! No witnesses meant that a ‘Settlement’ was in the cards – that is, until the words ‘WITHOUT MERIT’ were uttered.


“Why?”, you ask!


Just the same plot as with Sherman Robert’s $32,000 Settlement:



Audit uncovered McCord’s phony PhD, which requires he refund the Loot > Talbert initiates a ‘Settlement’ for McCord in his phony Sexual Harassment Lawsuit > McCord can then turn that settlement into the Loot Repayment – clever, right!


Different Script, Same Plot! Once Crooks learn a Technique, they keep repeating it over and over with minor variations. I never said Talbert was creative!







Of course School Budgets are complex, inscrutable things for people like you and me. And I majored in mathematics at Howard University!


I’d like to show you what I received in the mail from the North Babylon School Board. It’s a very simple, straightforward Budget that anyone can read – even if you don’t understand even this simplified version. But at least you can compare it with last year’s Budget, if you keep such things.






Now let’s see if we get anything like this Summary above from the Wyandanch B.O.E.!



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