Biology Of ADDICTION! Whether An Intermittent “Shopping”/”Overeating”/”Computer Games” Addiction Or Constant Opiate Addiction Like “Heroin”, All Addicts Seek Brain Endorphins (Our Feel Good, Reward, Pleasure, Pain Relief & Love Chemicals). Brain Circuitry In Addicts Is Dysfunctional. Stimulants Such As Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Nicotine & Caffeine All Elevate Dopamine Levels In The Brain As Do Sex, Extreme Sports & Workaholism, But None Are Addictive In Themselves. Most People, Who Try These Drugs, Do NOT Become Addicted. Why Then? SUSCEPTIBILITY Is Required! Brain Circuitry Impairment Is NOT A Function Of Genetics, But Is Caused By Early Adversity: Poverty, Physical & Sexual Abuse, Bad Parenting, Etc In The 1st 2-Years After Birth! – Dr. Gabor Maté, Canadian Physician And Author, “In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts”, & Dr. Maté Has ADD! – ADVISORY12

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