END OF DAYS! Up To Now, The Predictions Have ALL BEEN WRONG! And the Predictions Have Been Numerous! The Next End of Days Date Is December 21, 2012, According To The Mayan Calendar – OR IS IT 2020?! Remember, It Only Takes One Correct Prediction Of Armageddon! Unquestionably The Sun Will Cease To Protect Us One Day. And There’s Always The Possibility Of A Heavenly Object Ending Our Reign. Is The “End Of Days” Posturing More Than Just Religious Huckstering? You Do Not Have To Believe God Spoke Directly To The Mayans Or That There Is A God For This Or Any Prediction To Be Valid. The Possibility Exists That Extraterrestrials Aided The Mayans. I Do Have Respect For The Superiority Of Alien Technology – If It Exists, Of Course. But When It Comes To Religious Prognostication Based On Religious Dogma, I Am Extremely Dubious! After All, Look At How Often They HAVE BEEN WRONG! – ADVISORY11

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