Alternative Approach To Same Goal: RAISING TAXES ON RICH! Maintain Current Tax Rates, But LIMIT DEDUCTIONS TO $50,000! This Method Also Permits Republicans To Stand On Semantics And Say, “But We Kept Our Promise! We Did Not Raise Taxes!” (In The Future, Should The GOP Regain Power In DC, We Must Then Prevent Republicans From Reinstalling These Same Or Slightly Different Deductions For The Wealthy & ‘Too Big To Fails’!) – Thanks, Washington Post Editorial! But You Neglected To Add “ELIMINATE TAX BREAKS That Permit Corporations To Profit From OUTSOURCING AMERICAN JOBS OFFSHORE!” One Abomination Removal At A Time Will Remove Urgency To Take Further Action! Let’s Do It ALL & DO IT NOW! And, President Obama, Stand Up To GOP SOPHISTRY! Only Democrats EFFECTIVELY COMPROMISE, & DEMS DO IT UNILATERALLY ALL-THE-TIME! – Advisory6

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