TALBERT, TOLLIVER, BAKER & REED WIN – YOU LOSE! There Is Now NOT 1 Honest Member On The Wyandanch B.O.E. 4 Ministers (Talbert, Tolliver, Sexton & Allen) Win Because Their Parishioners Are Reliable Voters, Who Go To Front Of Jobs’ Line. The Worst Things In Wyandanch Are Your Churches – Jesus Threw Them Out Of Synagogue, But They’re Back! Educated Middleclass Intellectuals Ready To Let Rita (Lindenhurst) & Me (N. Babylon) Do Their Work For Them While Jobless & Welfare Renters Totally Indifferent To Voting Altogether. I Hear It All The Time, “God Will Provide!” Sorry, But God Helps Those, Who Help Themselves. Karl Marx Was Right, “Religion Is The Opiate Of The Masses!”


Karl Marx



Frederick Douglass









Bishop Michael V. Talbert


Elder Barry Sexton


Thomas Tolliver (I don’t know his church title yet)


Shirley Baker, Board President until July and 1st Baptist Church Trustee (“Sister Baker” to you)




Nancy Holliday-Watkins, Bd. Trustee & Library Board President with new 5-year term


Bishop Ron Allen, Revelation Church


Charlie Reed, Trustee-Elect


Apparently the Citizens of Wyandanch have not yet had enough Pain, Wrong & Injustice! Fear not! The new B.O.E. is ready with all sorts of NEW TORTURES to inflict upon you such as




Gina Talbert will continue in her 3-day week “job”.


Bishop Talbert will continue to tithe his congregation, move them to the front of the Jobs Line so they can tithe even more back to the Talbert Fund, buy more Wyandanch properties – oh, did you know there is now a WYANDANCH STOCK being offered to select members of the Public? They must have great plans for Wyandanch (or SOUTH BABYLON) once you are long gone! How can Wyandanch, to the North of everyone, be “South” Babylon! Maybe because Babylon 11702 runs down to the water. I guess you’d all better learn to swim in “South Babylon”, formerly Wyandanch! Former Town Supervisor, Steve Bellone, denied that “rumor” to my face last year. NEVER TRUST ANY POLITICIAN!



Coming Soon To

A Hamlet Near You


Nancy Holliday-Watkins pedophile brother, David Holliday, will continue to molest your male children. Lady Sparkle will continue to lie, steal from the Public Library where she now has a 5-year term, cheat the government out of its money (she’s supposed to be disabled, you know), and proclaim that she is Wyandanch’s “salvation”, not its Resident Evil.


Shirley Baker’s daughter will continue to break the School Laws, then say with an imperious manner, “Do you know who my mother is!” Shirley’s grandson will continue to beat up on Wyandanch youths, and mama will move him to another job with even less visibility.


Who knows what Evils Tolliver has in store for you – one thing is certain: Tolliver will demand his own pound of flesh!


These Bishops and Elders are NOT MARTIN LUTHER KING – they are Reverend Ike, Elmer Gantry and Lucifer all rolled up into one! Amazing how many will buy SHIT if you wrap it in a pretty package and call it MANURE!






Almost every Accusation of Criminal behavior is met with, “I am innocent – I didn’t do it – they are lying!” (Guilty or not!) If you listen just to protestations of innocence, no man or woman has ever sinned or broken any Law!





How can anyone defend or explain the generic protestation, “They are lying about me!” Which lies? BE SPECIFIC! Liars always generalize so that refutation is impossible!


Bishop Talbert has been reported saying, “There are lies being spread about me!” Shirley Baker has been reported saying, “There are lies being spread about me!” And certainly Nancy Holliday-Watkins has been reported saying, “There are lies being spread about me!”


When anyone makes such a GENERALIZATION, don’t let him or her get away with it! Demand to know what lies! You don’t even have to ask who said them, but demand to know which rumors are lies!


Is it a LIE that Nancy’s legal surname is Watkins, not Holliday or at least Holliday-Watkins? Is it a lie that her hubby, William Watkins formerly known by his DRAG name “Sparkle”, had one breast implant in Switzerland before his intended SEX CHANGE OPERATION? Is it a LIE that Sparkle used to boost on demand down in Roosevelt? Is it a LIE that brother, David Holliday, is a defrocked Catholic priest, was a drug user himself, and was arrested for sex with adolescent boys (dismissed because of political influence)? Is it a lie that Nancy takes food home after ordering too much at the Library or that she hires her own nephews, nieces, friends and relatives? Is it a lie that Nancy’s relatives have sued and collected on LAWSUITS against WYANDANCH a countless number of times?


I have asked Nancy Holliday-Watkins, “Where is the lie?” Now it’s your turn to ask the questions of Shirley Baker and Bishop Talbert. For clues to which questions you should ask, read above and below!


President Shirley Baker, “Where is the lie….?”


Trustee Michael V. Talbert, “Where is the lie….?”






Some time ago I had occasion to walk on Mount Avenue near LaFrancis Hardiman School on a Saturday. I saw a woman with her daughter and asked if there were some meeting being held. She informed me that her daughter was attending a dance class. I thought nothing more about it until today. Today I heard the whole dark tale, and I shall relate it to you.


Vanessa Streeter runs the Venette Dance School and apparently these young girls are “Venettes” – how quaint! When you want to see Elitism in full bloom, you can forget about those Savannah matrons in “Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil” and pay attention to light-skinned Negroes anywhere in America!


Black colleges, like Howard University – the college I attended – have Negro fraternities and sororities, where upper-crust, blueblood Negroes can pledge. I never pledged a frat at Howard because I detest Elitism and Elitists although I myself would qualify, particularly if based on skin color. I don’t see how being fair-skinned makes one any better than someone with dark coloration simply because of one’s MELANIN. Incidentally, Bishop Michael V. Talbert would NOT QUALIFY if lightness of skin were the criterion in college or at LaFrancis Hardiman. Black Elitists do make allowances for influence and bank accounts!


Links, AKAs (Alpha Kappa Alpha), and Jack & Jill’s Elitists can send their little fair tykes to Streeter’s school for snobs! And you already know where they trip the light fantastic – that’s right: LaFrancis Hardiman School!


When the team of Baines-Robinson-White-Crawford ran the B.O.E., they charged Streeter $8,000 to cover overtime for the custodial staff. But now under Shirley and Michael Talbert, no FEE is charged by or paid to the Schools – you, the Wyandanch citizens, pay for upkeep and custodial overtime, while 1st Baptist reaps the “Donations”. How is that? Because Streeter does give “DONATIONS” to 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch! That fact is neither implied nor stated on Streeter’s Facebook page! And you will have a tough time getting that admission out of Talbert and Baker. However, if you wish to verify my assertion, file this FOIL form with Lisa Coalmon at School Admin. Bldg.,


e-mail: lcoalmon@wufsd.net

direct telephone: 870-0407



Wyandanch Union Free School District

Central Administration Building

1445 Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Boulevard

Wyandanch, New York 11798-3997



Wyandanch Union Free School District________________________________________

Name of Agency


1445 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Wyandanch, New York 11798 ______________

Address of Agency


I hereby apply to (inspect) (copy) the following record(s):

Note: The charge for copying records not exceeding 9 x 11 inches shall be .25 cents a page. For all other sizes it shall be the actual cost of reproduction, unless otherwise specified by law.



___________________________                  ______________________________                  ___________

Signature of Applicant                                         Print Name                                                                   Date





Address of Applicant


Request                                                      Approved________________________                        Denied______________________



_____________Record of which the district is the Legal Custodian cannot be found.


_____________Record is not maintained by this district.







________________________________________                                                      ______________________

Signature and Title                                                                                                                                 Date



Notice: You have a right to appeal a denial of this application to Interim Superintendent, Dr, Pless Dickerson (631) 870-0401, who must fully explain the reasons in writing for such denial within seven (7) days of receipt of an appeal, by signing below and filing this form with the Superintendent of Schools within thirty (30) days after the date thereof.


I Hereby Appeal:


________________________________________                                                      ______________________

Signature of Applicant                                                                                                                              Date


This Form 1120E is subject to change


However, you must make your request as a request “I request documents…”, not in the form of a question!


And if you are denied or delayed, remember that Lisa Coalmon is a member in good standing of 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch!


Baker’s granddaughter attends the Venette School For Snobs for free, although neither Shirley, nor her only daughter, Sharon, attended a legitimate college or pledged any recognizable sorority. These little urchins dent the school’s wooden floors with their taps, and guess who will foot the repairs: you pay for repairs with the Board’s knowledge (Elder Sexton) and complicity.


Amityville, Dix Hills, Wheatley Heights, Babylon, N Babylon etc. are universally invited, provided they can pass both the sorority and the “color” test! The “color” test is my own idea because I know how black sororities work from my high school days – yes, we had Jack & Jill even in the 1950s!


A few (not so well-connected young ladies from Wyandanch are permitted to attend as cover for Shirley’s own granddaughter, who does not pass all these rigorous tests) – Mrs. Obama is in Links: EXCLUSIVITY/ELITISM! – Do you doubt this diatribe, then drop by LaFrancis Hardiman on any Saturday or Sunday and see for yourself what happens there and who is admitted all day long! Only the hoity-toity need apply!


If you did not VOTE AGAINST THESE ELITISTS yesterday, and if you don’t approve of Wyandanch’s Elitists and their imposing those Elitist views on young girls, you have no one to blame but yourself!



Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981’s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People




Subdomain re National & World Political Secrets




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5 Responses to TALBERT, TOLLIVER, BAKER & REED WIN – YOU LOSE! There Is Now NOT 1 Honest Member On The Wyandanch B.O.E. 4 Ministers (Talbert, Tolliver, Sexton & Allen) Win Because Their Parishioners Are Reliable Voters, Who Go To Front Of Jobs’ Line. The Worst Things In Wyandanch Are Your Churches – Jesus Threw Them Out Of Synagogue, But They’re Back! Educated Middleclass Intellectuals Ready To Let Rita (Lindenhurst) & Me (N. Babylon) Do Their Work For Them While Jobless & Welfare Renters Totally Indifferent To Voting Altogether. I Hear It All The Time, “God Will Provide!” Sorry, But God Helps Those, Who Help Themselves. Karl Marx Was Right, “Religion Is The Opiate Of The Masses!”

  1. says:

    Open Letter To Gerard M. & Other Interested Parties:

    You may obtain a FOIL (Freedom Of Information Law) Request from Lisa Coalmon (contact info in the Post). I suggest you make copies of the blank original in case you need to file subsequent FOILs. Remember, don’t ask a question or it will be rejected!

    Now that the cow is out of the barn, if there are ANY among you who want to TAKE BACK WYANDANCH (or is it SOUTH BABYLON), you may contact me through this blog by COMMENTING. I will NOT PUBLISH your request or your information, but I will contact you directly and keep you informed as to what we are doing, where we are doing it and why.

    In order to OCCUPY WYANDANCH, it will take at least 2 more Elections (that means 2 years). If people had voted on May 15, 2012, we could be happily counting the days until July instead of dreading July! They say, “Better late than never!” Let’s just hope that in Wyandanch’s case, it is NOT “NEVER”!


    • truth says:

      what proof do you have about the hollidays that doesn’t get you on slander?
      please inform me. What do you know about the misappropriations of the COMPASS grant?

      • says:

        For Proof, read the Articles. And did you know the Wyandanch Library is currently being audited. Nancy Holliday-Watkins is attempting to throw blame on the now deceased Clarence Holloway. In order to slander someone, you must publish what you know to be false. I attempt to publish what I know or believe to be true! That’s not Slander!

        I do NOT publish everything I know because the ENEMY reads my Blog! But NICE TRY!


  2. says:

    Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in a long time; I went to Ruby Tuesday’s in Deer Park and ordered salads to go. That’s the best salad bar on Long Island. I recommend it highly and without remuneration. You make your own salad platter.

    You pay at the bar, and they supply you with containers, plastic utensils and plastic bags to carry out your creations. I engaged several bar patrons in political banter. I asked a very nice and friendly mature white lady if she knew anything about Wyandanch. She replied, “Not much! But I know I wouldn’t want to live there!”

    I feel safe in saying she belongs to the largest “club” on Long Island!


  3. says:


    It has come to my attention that some among you may perceive that Tabacco thinks ALL Ministers, Elders and Bishops are evil, corrupt and unfeeling simply because the 4 that will be on the Wyandanch B.O.E. beginning in July are. Nothing could be further from the truth! As you can plainly see from my 1st sentence, I know how to spell “all”.

    One of the 3 candidates endorsed by the WCC, Grace Johnson, is herself a MINISTER. That was clearly stated in the Flyer, which I myself edited and published here. However, Grace Johnson has good character, a heart as big as all outdoors and is NOT trying to exploit Wyandanch.

    The problem, as I perceive it, is that too often Black folks give a PASS to anyone, who is an Elder, Minister or Bishop without even the slightest thought or consideration of that individual’s character. NO ONE, ESPECIALLY NOT A MEMBER OF CHURCH CLERGY, should be granted CARTE BLANCHE on that basis alone! As with all other groups, including Religious, there are both GOOD and BAD! History teaches us that more often than not, it’s the BAD (whether Church Clergy or not) that aggressively seek position on the B.O.E., particularly – but not exclusively – in Wyandanch. (I am being inordinately explicit with my language here so that no one may infer something, which I did not intend to convey).

    I do NOT believe all Blacks are lazy, although some are. I do NOT believe all Chinese are good cooks, although some are. I do NOT believe all Jews are geniuses, although some are. I do NOT believe that all light-skinned blacks are superior to all dark-skinned blacks, although some are (dark and light). I do NOT believe that all Church Clergy are evil, although some are. I do NOT believe that all Muslims want to kill Americans, although some do. I do NOT believe that all Republicans are Bad, although they vote that way. There is 1 exception; 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch! I would NOT trust any member of that infamous Church because when they tithe, jump to the front of the Jobs’ Line, or just give aid and comfort to Bishop Talbert and Trustee Baker, they support – even if unwittingly – Bishop Talbert’s CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS!

    Everyone MUST be judged by their Actions, NOT their color, their bank accounts, their cars, their wives or husbands, their children, their job titles or their expressions – Everyone except the members of 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch, that is!


    PS I freely admit my mind has lost a lot re memory. But what kind of idiot would I be if I forgot Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Adam Clayton Powell, Ralph Abernathy, Al Sharpton, Vernon Johns, Jeremiah Wright etc. etc.

    You might want to read “Pastors Seek to Quash Prosperity Gospel in Black Churches” – http://www.christianpost.com/news/pastors-seek-to-quash-prosperity-gospel-in-black-churches-44429/

    If you do read that Posting, please forward a copy of it to each of the following: Barry Sexton, Ron Allen, Thomas Tolliver and Michael V. Talbert!

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