CORRUPTION In Wyandanch & Beyond: School Board, Public Library Trustees Are THE PROBLEM! Now Board Plotting 5-YEAR TERMS!!! Babylon Town Hall, Police Department, District Attorney, NYS Department of Education, Government Officials – A DEAF EAR! And All Roads Lead Back To Crooks, On Wyandanch B.O.E., Running These Mafia-Type Crime Families In First Place! Did I Neglect To Mention Those “Alibi Artists”, Who Won’t Register To Vote & Those Registered, Who Are DISGUSTED & INDIFFERENT & Don’t Vote! – WYANDANCH Must Help Itself: THE ONLY SOLUTION! I Accuse Catholic Nancy Holliday, The Rogue 1st Baptist Church Of Wyandanch Mother-Grandmother, Shirley Baker & 666-Bishop Michael V. Talbert Of Being The Devil’s Own Disciples Along With All, Who Give Aid & Comfort To These PARIAHS – The Holy Bible Itself Warns You Of False Prophets! Why Do You FAIL TO HEED Those Warnings!




TABACCO: I am 70-years-old. I have white hair, a gut, gout, bad teeth, poor eyesight, faulty hearing, a pinched nerve, herniated disk, arthritis, high cholesterol, enlarged prostate, a fixed income (Social Security), etc. etc. But God has blessed me big time: I don’t have diabetes, I don’t have heart disease, I don’t have cancer, and, most importantly, I don’t live in Wyandanch! I live in North Babylon, only a few blocks away. 10,500 of you are not so fortunate! I speak to the Wyandanch residents, particularly the children, who attend those pitiable schools in Wyandanch:


LaFrancis Hardiman Elementary

Martin L. King Elementary

Milton L. Olive Middle School

Wyandanch Memorial High School.


Are there any among ye, who do not think these 4 schools need fixing (and I don’t just mean the physical structures)!


The fact that I do NOT live in Wyandanch is very significant because I cannot run for public office in Wyandanch, I cannot get a high paying job courtesy of that School Board, and I cannot profit from my efforts in Wyandanch. However others, who do NOT LIVE in Wyandanch, lie and profit as if they do.


The Bishop of The 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch, however, cannot make those statements! He can profit, and he does profit from living in Wyandanch! You probably thought Bishops were supposed to “prophet”, not profit!


When I am on the streets (I also don’t drive, I take public transportation), I mention Wyandanch frequently. People either smile that pity-smile or else they recount their personal trials and tribulations in Wyandanch. Those conversations generally last quite awhile.


I have met people from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, who know about Wyandanch. You may not want to read this, but Wyandanch is a NATIONAL JOKE! However that “Joke” is NOT FUNNY! It is PATHETIC! And the main reason Wyandanch is a JOKE is that the Voters don’t know whom they can trust!


You cannot – must not – trust candidates just because they are members of the clergy. The current Board has 3 such members: Bishop Michael V. Talbert, Elder Barry Sexton and Bishop Ron Allen. And the schools are still a MESS!


At “Meet The Candidates” meeting on Tuesday, Bishop Michael V. Talbert avowed he would NOT SEND HIS OWN CHILDREN TO WYANDANCH SCHOOLS. I understand that statement. The problem is he has EXPLOITED WYANDANCH in order to be able to make that claim – WHAT HYPOCRISY!


Sexton is physically sick and needs a transplant. Unfortunately, that is NOT a “heart transplant”. Those of us, who know what Sexton is, realize that Elder Sexton has no “heart” (speaking figuratively, not literally) – but he would protest that assessment vehemently if I said that to his face. Then he would brag about all the time he spends perambulating about the school grounds, just doing his job.


Sexton lives right across the street from the 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch in what used to be the Church’s parsonage. Since Bishop Talbert is his landlord, we know which FACTION Sexton is a part of: Talbert – Sexton – Baker.


Shirley Baker is not a clergywoman, but she belongs to The 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch. (The emphasis in that sentence should be on the word “belongs”!) At Board Meetings, Talbert calls her “SISTER” Baker, and she calls him “Bishop” Talbert. That bit of titling establishes the actual hierarchy between them in LIFE, not just in Church or the Wyandanch School Board. The last time I heard that bit of insult to the Wyandanch Community, I wanted to yell at them, “Baker, he’s Trustee Talbert here, not Bishop. And Talbert, she’s President Baker here, not Sister!” But there were not enough attendees there to make that Outburst worthwhile.


The TALBERT FACTION is running another clergymember, Thomas Tolliver, for James Crawford’s seat. That makes the “A-Team” Faction:


Talbert – Sexton – Baker – Tolliver,


which would be a 4-3 EVIL CHURCH MAJORITY! I know you don’t want that – that is, provided you are not already feeding at that trough or insane!


Should Talbert’s candidacy fail, it is rumored that Tolliver, if elected, would resign in favor of Talbert himself. Or, if both are elected, Tolliver could resign in favor of another member of Talbert’s Crime Family. However, if Tolliver is just as greedy and uncaring as Talbert, he will hold on for dear life!


There is a 2nd Evil Faction on the Board, maneuvering for Power. That Faction is headed by Nancy Holliday. She has Bishop Allen’s ear and his votes. I have 3 reports (two of which come from Brentwood, not Wyandanch) that Allen is disgusted with the Board and wishes he were not on it.


But he is on the Board! So even though I have no proof YET of Allen’s personal greed, “if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, and if it votes like a duck – it’s a duck!” That HOLLIDAY FACTION is running Charlie Reed (a former Board member) for Barry White’s seat. And Holliday is running Nancy’s own newphew’s girlfriend, Gillian Wedderburn, for that James Crawford seat. And she is supporting either Shauna Rayford or, more likely, Clarivel Martinez for Denise Baines’ seat. This proves 3 things:


1 – Talbert and Holliday are in a “marriage” of convenience at present –


2 – Holliday is fighting for absolute control of the Board


(Holliday – Allen – Reed – Wedderburn)


 to prevent certain Talbert initiatives such as returning SHERMAN ROBERTS to the position of Superintendent (after they fire Pless Dickerson of course); Roberts would certainly fire Holliday’s sexually deviant brother, David, and other Holliday relatives and voters from prestigious spots they now occupy ILLEGALLY. Nobody on Earth is totally Evil, not even Roberts, nor totally Benevolent, not even Allen. Everyone is Gray, not Black or White. Even when these “Grays” support “good government”, their motives are often Machiavellian in nature! –


3 – The fact that Talbert’s candidate (Tolliver) and Holliday’s candidate (Wedderburn) are both fighting for the same seat (Crawford’s) proves that Talbert and Holliday are in a mortal “DEATH SPIRAL” for control of the Wyandanch School Board!


(Thinking logically gives one such great rewards – God also blessed me with a logical brain, which is not always right, but generally gets to “correctness” before the final curtain. I majored in mathematics in college, but this stuff is NOT Nuclear Science or Topology. It is simple LOGIC!


Holliday is now spreading RUMORS that I am an ATHEIST! She wants to undermine my credibility. I have nothing against Atheists. Most are nice people, just logically challenged. And Atheists don’t initiate WARS! That is left to Christians, Jews and Muslims! But I won’t go into that and defend my own belief in GOD here and now. This is neither the time nor the place to defend myself.


Although whether I am or am not an Atheist shouldn’t make any difference to fair-minded people in search of Truth! Attending Church, Synagogue or Mosque is NOT a Vaccine against Mendacity! Incidentally, Nancy Holliday is Catholic – but so was Adolf Hitler! If you doubt that, go ahead and Google “Hitler’s religion” as I did!


Previously, Holliday spread the Rumor that I was trying to fleece a 90-year-old dying man, Van B. Hubbs, out of his home. Mr. Hubbs died, so Holliday has moved on to FRESHER RUMORS & LIES. I am not the first or the only Victim of Holliday’s RUMOR-LIES! And I won’t be the last either! If you believe anything Nancy Holliday says, you need a “BRAIN” TRANSPLANT – and I don’t restrict that comment to figuratively! But more about Wyandanch’s own “Lady Macbeth” later on.)


The 3rd Faction consists of the “former Denise Baines team”




Of these 3, only Robinson is currently not an incumbent because she was defeated last May, 2011, by Bishop Allen.


The problem with this triumvirate of former and current Board members is that without a Denise Baines to lead them, this group has the same chance to improve Education in Wyandanch as a SNOWBALL IN HELL! Sorry, guys, but I don’t even know who your leader is – I doubt that you do either! (Aside to Yvonne Robinson: Even though you – through Rita – suggested to other WCC candidates that they run with Charley Reed, he is NOT one of you – Charley Reed is in the Holliday Camp! WAKE UP!)


These 3 are probably nice people, but they ruled Wyandanch until July, 2011, and this is what they achieved:




Under their leadership and Majority, honest effort notwithstanding, INCOMPETENCE is no better than CORRUPTION when it comes to running the Wyandanch School Board!


I admit that I know very little about Clarivel Martinez. The WCC has been attempting to reach her without success. I personally have been seeking a Hispanic candidate because Wyandanch has lots of Hispanics living here. Hopefully she will contact us, and we can evaluate each other in the near future! However, we do know that the “Citizens For Change”, surreptitiously under Holliday, is supporting Martinez. That is enough to make the WCC back off!


That brings us to the Wyandanch Citizens’ Coalition (WCC) Candidates! We have vetted our own candidates, but I cannot swear to you that even these vetted “Virgin” school board candidates can positively resist the lure of the ALMIGHTY $! But these 3 do NOT belong to the Talbert and Holliday Factions, nor do they belong to the Unnamed Incumbent Team of Crawford – White – wannabe Robinson. None of our candidates have a history of CORRUPTION or FAILURE! And they each have children in the Wyandanch School System! No Incumbent can make that claim!







Since the Board saw fit to have a “Meet The Candidates” night under specious and controlled conditions so that citizens could NOT ask embarrassing questions of Talbert and Baker, we in fact did not have such an Event this year. Such is the nature of Corrupt Rule!


Did you truly believe Shirley Baker (Board President) and Michael V. Talbert (Board Kingpin) would face a group of citizens, not vetted by them and answer the embarrassing and searching questions they would certainly be asked? If you attended that Referendum Open Forum at Milton Olive School last September, you know what I mean! That little “séance” on April 30th was only for the Talbert-Baker Crime Klan. I doubt even Holliday or her supporters were invited! Their ”Meet The Candidates” Event was a FARCE! Yes, Talbert Klan, I went to Sharon’s Facebook page! Even you folks have Spies among you! (Nancy Holliday, you didn’t think you invented espionage, did ya!)









While Nancy is not herself a candidate this year, she has several candidates running in 2012 with the goal of gaining control of the Wyandanch Board of Education just as she now controls the Wyandanch Public Library.


Holliday already controls Bishop Allen’s ear and vote! But 2 votes do NOT a Majority make!


One of Nancy’s nephews is dating Gillian Wedderburn. That makes 3!


Another nephew was or is dating Shauna Rayford (Shauna denies it is still goin’ on).


And she may be right because Clarivel Martinez is listed as a member of “Citizens For Change”. Whichever one is Holliday’s “secret” candidate, that makes 4!


But then so is Cerina Flippen endorsed by “Citizens For Change”. That is to throw the Voters off and create consternation in the WCC (Wyandanch Citizens’ Coalition) camp. Fear not, Cerina is a WCC candidate, but anyone or any group may endorse her. Cerina says, “The more the merrier; but I still won’t aid and abet Nancy Holliday’s shenanigans!”


Finally, for the White seat, you have the former B.O.E. member, Charlie Reed. That makes 5 Holliday votes if they all should win!


This has the look of a TAKEOVER to me, folks. It’s Holliday versus the Talberts! Things are a’changing in Paradise because of this DEATH SPIRAL!


It’s Holliday Vs. Talbert,


A Fight To The Death!


Nancy has lost weight, bought a brand new wardrobe, and done marvelous things with her hair. Her new Party, “Citizens For Change” is further proof of her new status. She truly is a “New” Nancy Holliday as you can clearly see from her Flyer below. Without further ado, I present to you the BRAND NEW Nancy Holliday.



Our “New” Nancy now has a 5-year term on the Library Board. We will have to put her in jail to get her sticky fingers out of that slot!












As Nancy Holliday has made cosmetic improvements to her persona, likewise Bishop Talbert has upgraded his own image. Hollywood is making a film about our revered Bishop.


Here, Boris Karloff undergoes a complete makeover in order to portray Bishop Talbert on-screen!


You’ve seen the “carbon copy”, now view the Original:


The smiling Bishop (on the left) displays that irresistible charm and dashing attire finished off with what Is undoubtedly a very expensive piece of Gold Jewelry – Not! (Tithing is a Profitably ORIGINAL form of Pimping – one can learn a lot in a Louisiana Prison), and that unique flattop hairstyle is so reminiscent of the Frankenstein Monster!


Mr. “T” will be appearing at a Tithing Boutique near you very soon! Don’t bother with your checkbook! Mr. T carries legal forms in his pocket so your Income can be easily transferred directly to his Church bank account via Direct Deposit! You won’t even get to touch the Ca$h! Keep counting, T, and keep smiling!


The VP and chief asset of Mr. T’s Pimping Stable is the inimitable Shirley Baker. I would offer up a pictorial essay of her highness, but the camera broke!


Dame Baker once had delusions of grandeur. She and other Church puppets like Louise Brown would cook, feed and clothe Mr. T – I understand the Banana Pudding was particularly delectable. No doubt Dame Baker had visions of becoming Mrs. T. So when T arrived, arm-in-arm with the new Mrs. T (Gina to you), Baker and many of her “Sisters” were heartbroken! Not even a little sample, hunh, Shirley!


You see, folks, Shirley never stood a chance because, although T is charming and very virile (learned no doubt during those long days and even longer nights he was confined with all those other macho studs in that female sex-starved Louisiana Prison), T is not particularly blessed with IQ points. He needed a “Karl Rove” (“Bush’s Brain” to the uninitiated) to do his scheming for him – remember: he failed as an Illegal Criminal. Now he’s a LEGAL CRIMINAL, thanks to Gina!


So T married Gina, who taught T how to USE THE LAW and GOD to make a Financial Killing! “Thank you, Jesus!”


“Behind every great man is a

greater woman!”


Throw in another Parson, Elder Sexton who lives in 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch’s old parsonage across the street, and T’s newest discovery, Clergyman Thomas Tolliver of the even larger than 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch, IN THE WORD MINISTRIES on Gordon, and there you have the makings of a continuing 4-3 BOARD MAJORITY. Holliday will come begging with her arms outstretched and her tail between her legs.


Sure looks like a TUG OF WAR to me!













School Trustee                                          School Trustee

Term expires June 30, 2013                  Term expires June 30, 2015

Incumbent                                                  Incumbent

Denise Baines                                       Shirley Baker


Clarivel Martinez                                       Shirley Baker

Shauna Rayford                                        Cerina Flippen

Yvonne Holder Robinson

Michael V. Talbert, Sr.




School Trustee                                           School Trustee

Term expires June 30, 2015                   Term expires June 30, 2015

Incumbent                                                   Incumbent

James Crawford                                    Barry White


James Crawford                                        Grace Johnson

LaFlorence Grant                                      Charlie Reed

Thomas Tolliver                                         Barry White

Gillian Wedderburn

Mary Williams



Now let’s analyze Seat-by-Seat!


For Baines’ seat, it’s either Martinez or Rayford (Holliday candidate) vs. the Emperor himself (Talbert).


For Baker’s seat, only the WCC candidate, Cerina Flippen dares challenge the Lady Scorpion. Even Holliday doesn’t have that kind of nerve or else they couldn’t find ANOTHER CERINA! I guess that’s why they are attempting to “steal” her from under our noses (clever crook, that Nancy Holliday!)


For Crawford’s seat, it’s Tolliver (Talbert’s pick) versus Wedderburn (Nancy’s projected in-law).


And for White’s seat, it’s Charlie Reed (Holliday’s agent) against the field. I guess Talbert will be satisfied with a 4-3 Majority. Holliday, on the other hand, is extremely greedy! She wants 5-2 NEPOTISM-PROOF MAJORITY!


If either of these Paragons of Pornographic Politics wins even 1-seat but no more, they will continue this “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” to achieve an EVIL CAPITALISTIC MAJORITY!


Each (Talbert and Holliday) wants a clear 4-3 Majority, if not a NEPOTISM-PROOF 5-2 Majority. But they would each settle for this Talbert-Holliday DÉTENTE, as it now exists, (Talbert 3 – Holliday 2)!


“But what about the kids!”, you demand. Sorry, folks, this Board and all those that preceded it for the past 35 years have IGNORED THE CHILDREN! More Holliday and more Talbert “VULTURES” on the Board will mean MORE OF THE SAME! Got it? Good!








Some folks believe that certain members of the Board are putting the Ca$h into their own pockets. I seriously doubt that although anything is possible!


No, these Political Scam Artists, who get NO SALARY for serving on the B.O.E. (makes you wonder why they fight so hard and dirty for these seats, doesn’t it!), use the following Strategies and Tactics to achieve their Machiavellian goals:


Collusion/CRONYISM: Currently, Talbert’s Gang + Holliday’s Gang = Voting Majority!


NEPOTISM: When Holliday hires her child molesting brother, David Holliday, as Tsar of the Drug Program and Talbert hires his wife, Gina, for a $150,000 Grant position that used to pay $75,000, and Gina only works 3-days per week, we have IN YOUR FACE, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE CHILDREN NEPOTISM!


Incidentally, David Holliday does NOT live in Wyandanch; he lives with another sister, Debra White, on Centerwood in North Babylon. He uses Nancy’s address so he can keep these high-paying jobs in Wyandanch. So Nancy got her brother, a child molester who doesn’t even live in Wyandanch, this critical job with BLACKMAIL implications for your sons under his INFLUENCE!


Both Nepotism and Cronyism means these new jobholders will VOTE FOR THE BOARD MEMBERS, WHO GOT THEM THEIR JOBS! That insures continued service on the Board by these same Trustees!


And as for the 1st Baptist Church of Wyandanch, which is controlled by Bishop Talbert and pays NO TAXES on these 23-properties listed below, denying Wyandanch of much needed Taxes, I say, “SHAME ON 1ST BAPTIST! You are NOT CHRISTIANS; You are selfish, job-seeking SCAVENGERS!”




























KICKBACKS: This is where the Money can really be earned by Board members. That $19.5 Million Referendum they sneaked by us in January after 2 very similar School Improvement Referenda were defeated in September, 2011, will make some Contractors filthy rich! 10% Kickbacks would fetch $1.95 Million as pocket stuffers. Even 5% would yield $975,000.00, which would beat the hell out of actually working for a living! And sitting Board Members can claim,









All parents leave a “Legacy” to the children they influence – both their own progeny and those of relatives and friends. Most people attempt to teach right and wrong – do right and don’t do wrong. But Nancy Holliday, Shirley Baker and Bishop Michael V. Talbert teach the reverse: do wrong and don’t do right!


When Nancy Holliday teaches her nieces and nephews these lessons of selfishness and exploitation for self-aggrandizement, her teachings must rub off on those youngsters.


When Michael V. Talbert, a Church Bishop, preaches “the word of God” from the pulpit on Sunday mornings while he executes the “word of the Devil” every hour of everyday, which of those diametrically opposed lessons are most likely to be absorbed even by his own children!


The corrupting effects of Shirley Baker are already in evidence through her daughter, Sharon, and her grandson, Barry. It would require extreme strength of character and morality to overcome the faults, sins and immoral lessons learned from such a matriarch! Sharon and Barry were doomed from birth – even the grandson was doomed by the grandmother! Evil Influence never ceases – it passes from generation to generation! I must sympathize with any offspring of a mother and grandmother such as Shirley Baker. Perhaps even her own parents influenced her in a Negative way.


However, we cannot permit Shirley’s Evil Influence to perpetuate its Negativity neverendingly on the rest of Wyandanch!


The Evils of these 3 are debilitating the rest of the Wyandanch community! Only Wyandanch can remove those CANCERS!


If a father, mother, grandmother or aunt teaches Evil to children, what sort of persons can they be! Despite the financial GAIN, what true happiness can any of them truly enjoy! And what about the children they corrupt!


Holliday is Catholic; Baker and Talbert are Baptist; but you don’t have to be Christian to know this is good advice whatever your religious convictions:


Mark 8:36









Originally the WCC was going to endorse Yvonne Robinson. Yvonne was Vice President of the Board under Denise Baines until July, 2011. The Baines Regime was honest, but hampered by Malcontents and Self-Promoters like Nancy Holliday-Watkins, they were unable to do much to improve Education in our schools. In fact the Scores went downhill.


We decided instead on another Political “Virgin”, Shauna Rayford. However, Shauna’s relationships with both Holliday and Holliday’s nephew caused us to remove our support for her. That left the WCC with only 3 Candidates.


Because we MUST NOT ELECT BISHOP TALBERT under any circumstances, and because we cannot trust Clarivel Martinez although I myself have been seeking an Hispanic Candidate to run for the Board, and because we cannot trust Shauna Rayford, I personally ENDORSE Yvonne Robinson for the Denise Baines seat, and I know for a fact that Denise Baines-Harrington, now of Fredericksburg, Virginia, also endorses YVONNE HOLDER ROBINSON for the Baines seat on the Wyandanch Board of Education.


Only by voting for Yvonne Holder Robinson, does Wyandanch and its children stand a chance of improving education in Wyandanch and preventing Nepotism, Cronyism and Kickbacks, which must continue if any of our 3 WCC Candidates or Yvonne Holder Robinson should lose:


Please vote and vote ONLY FOR:












for the Wyandanch School Board on May 15, 2012, between 7am and 9pm at the Administration Building, 1445 Straight Path, Wyandanch, NY.


The A-Team and

                                           Citizens For Change?

And may God


help us all!



Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981’s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People



Subdomain re National & World Political Secrets




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2 Responses to CORRUPTION In Wyandanch & Beyond: School Board, Public Library Trustees Are THE PROBLEM! Now Board Plotting 5-YEAR TERMS!!! Babylon Town Hall, Police Department, District Attorney, NYS Department of Education, Government Officials – A DEAF EAR! And All Roads Lead Back To Crooks, On Wyandanch B.O.E., Running These Mafia-Type Crime Families In First Place! Did I Neglect To Mention Those “Alibi Artists”, Who Won’t Register To Vote & Those Registered, Who Are DISGUSTED & INDIFFERENT & Don’t Vote! – WYANDANCH Must Help Itself: THE ONLY SOLUTION! I Accuse Catholic Nancy Holliday, The Rogue 1st Baptist Church Of Wyandanch Mother-Grandmother, Shirley Baker & 666-Bishop Michael V. Talbert Of Being The Devil’s Own Disciples Along With All, Who Give Aid & Comfort To These PARIAHS – The Holy Bible Itself Warns You Of False Prophets! Why Do You FAIL TO HEED Those Warnings!

  1. says:

    A Man Or A Woman Is Judged By The Company They Keep!

    I have nothing against transsexual drag queens unless they are married to Scavengers like Nancy Holliday-Watkins. Her last name is NOT HOLLIDAY – hell, that’s her brother’s last name, isn’t it! Nancy lied on the B.O.E. application. Perhaps she’s ashamed of being married to a man, who went to Switzerland and had one breast implant.

    Or maybe she’s ashamed that “Sparkle” used to boost/mop/shoplift in full drags in Roosevelt to fill pre-solicited “orders” (furs, dresses etc.) Nancy Holliday-Watkins is more than Evil. She’s an emotional cripple and mentally ill – hubby may be the sane one! She has little concern for anyone except herself. Even jobs for the family are nothing more than mutual exploitation. They get jobs and she gets votes! Where’s the love?

    To be incapable of love must be the worst thing anyone can suffer!


  2. says:


    I got your message even though I am NOT publishing it here at this time. We of the WCC take your words seriously, and I am taking action to act on your advice as I write this.

    Warmest regards,
    Tabacco (Founder of WCC)

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