EVIL HAS 2 FACES! Nancisaurus Hollidactyl, A Deadly, Venomous Jurassic Era Dinosaur Species Has Been Identified In Wyandanch, New York, Serving As An Elected Trustee On The Wyandanch BOE.

Nancisaurus HollidactylNancisaurus Hollidactyl


This is the face of Evil’s ‘Soul’. But what you actually see is a ‘Pretend’ Exterior that is closer to Nun than Dinosaur. Only a few (Adolf Hitler & Donald Trump, for example) present their actual Soul for all to see and dare you to do anything about it. With Nancisaurus Hollidactyl, what you see is NOT what you get!

For an artistic interpretation of this concept, Google The Undisputed Truth singing “Smiling Faces (Sometimes Tell Lies)”


This Creature, Nancisaurus Hollidactyl, attacks Wyandanch school children by draining the Gray Matter from their skulls. These results are manifested on New York State’s TEST SCORES.

If you doubt that Evil Trustees on any BOE can affect Test Scores, then you have concluded that Black Students are inherently less gifted mentally than their White counterparts. Incidentally, this author is Black!

This Post is spiked with levity, but I assure you that Nancisaurus Hollidactyl is no laughing matter!

That this prehistoric anomaly has been elected by the Citizens to the Wyandanch BOE on numerous occasions is an indictment of Wyandanch’s own disinterested, discouraged, disenfranchised & demented citizenry. Hopefully 2017 will put an end to this Abomination!

New York State has indicted Nancisaurus Hollidactyl for Financial Felonies accruing to Hollidactyl’s position as Trustee on the Wyandanch Library Board too – to date unsuccessfully because of Hollidactyl’s POLITICAL CONNECTIONS in high places within the Democratic Party. (And you thought only the Republicans were ‘Bad Guy’ – NOT!) Political Malfeasance knows no political boundaries!

NYS Comptroller Wyandanch Library01

Holliday NYS Comptroller Newsday

Albany is sitting on its thumbs and will offer no Aid & Comfort to Wyandanch!

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“The Lord helps those, who help themselves!”

When Whites rule Blacks, they may siphon off some Assets. But when Blacks rule Blacks, they behave as if they haven’t eaten for 10 days and they belong to large families.

If you want to aid Wyandanch Students, improve Education in Wyandanch and rid Wyandanch of Political Corruption and Despotism, ending the Political Career of Nancisaurus Hollidactyl is the best way to begin!

On May 16, 2017, VOTE FOR:


Line 2B

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 B.O.E. VOTE FOR TRUSTEES & BUDGET Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 7:00am – 9:00pm Administration Bldg, 1445 Straight Path, Wyandanch Main: 631-870-0400 District Clerk: 631-870-0405 Meetings List: http://www.wyandanch.k12.ny.us/


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