3 REASONS WHY WYANDANCH Never Goes Forward & Always Fails!





The Flyer, published here, was sent out via mail with postage stamps prior to the recent Special Election, not stamped mail. CHARLIE REED knew about it before the Fact! Knowing Charlie as I do, I feel safe in saying Charlie did NOT create the Flyer because Charlie is Artistically and Imaginatively Challenged!


Also Paper, Envelopes, Printing & Postage all cost MONEY – Charlie Reed is too CHEAP to have spent his own! My best guess is that the Wyandanch Public Library footed the costs, and we all know who Charlie Reed’s good buddy and ally in BOE Crime is! That “individual” (name omitted only because I have no proof – but what other Evil person has Access to all those necessities?) has a long history of stealing supplies and postage from the Wyandanch Public Library. This I know for a FACT!


Monique was the GOOD CANDIDATE; Charlie Reed is the EVIL CANDIDATE. Score 1 more Victory for Evil UNETHICAL Liars!


Incidentally none of those ‘ALLEGATIONS’ in the ‘Flyer’ (even if they were True) have anything to do with Educating your Children. That’s something Charlie Reed knows nothing about. However Charlie is very knowledgeable when it comes to the Rules and Regulations. All CLEVER TRUSTEES learn how to Not get Caught!





Cerina Flippen is a Marvelous Candidate! But I cannot endorse her. Why? I will tell you why!


See I EVIL above! Cerina asked me to endorse her, which of course I would love to do, but she stipulated that I could write about her, but I could not OUT her Opponents as I outed Charlie Reed above and as I have done to other Evil Exploiters in the past.


Well, NOBODY tells Tabacco what I may or may NOT say on MY BLOG! NOBODY! (Except that Judge, who said I could not mention NANCY HOLLIDAY by name in my Blog after Holliday filed a FALSE POLICE REPORT against me claiming I threatened to KILL HER in that fabulous telephone conversation that never took place because she never picked up the phone. She filed that False Police Report to prevent me from writing the TRUTH about her (Nancy), Charlie, the Talberts, Sexton, Baker and all those other WYANDANCH EXPLOITERS). It worked for a while!


So Good People such as Cerina Flippen are so ethical that they OBSTRUCT DIVULGENCE of the EVIL TruthS about their Opponents. Cerina is a Great Mother, but an awful politician! Were I to endorse Charlie Reed or Elder Sexton, they would have no problem with my exposing the Graft & Corruptions of their opponents as I do in I EVIL above. Even if I were to TELL LIES, the Charlie Reeds of Wyandanch would nod and smile, not rebuke me.


So Tabacco cannot endorse Cerina Flippen, even though I want to do so, because she is a Goody-Goody, who would tie my hands!








I have met oodles and oodles and oodles of GOOD FOLKS, who showed up at Wyandanch BOE Meetings, expressed their DISPLEASURE with the EXPLOITERS in charge, quickly became disenchanted and then disengaged. Now they no longer show up for Meetings and only God knows if they even Vote anymore!


I understand thoroughly why they GAVE UP, but I reject their ABSENTEE ACTIVISM! During the summer of 2013 when I was actively writing about each BOE Meeting, most of the time I was the only person in the Audience! My Blog was not bringing in more DISGRUNTLED PARENTS; it was actually causing the DECLINE IN PARTICIPATION! Did they think I could do it by myself?


Remember, Tabacco does NOT LIVE IN WYANDANCH! I live in North Babylon. Except for defeating Bishop Talbert and Elder Sexton, I have accomplished more blogging about Washington, DC, than I have about Wyandanch!





The Wyandanch Citizens Coalition (WCC) is waiting in the wings for Wyandanch Citizens/Parents to take up the Challenge. God helps those, who help themselves!


If you have any Civic Pride and any wish to educate the IGNORED CHILDREN / STUDENTS OF WYANDANCH, you may e-mail me at




I am willing to coordinate, assist and blog, but Tabacco will no longer work to SAVE WYANDANCH when Wyandanch’s own Good People decline to HELP THEMSELVES!



Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981’s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People






Wednesday, ???

Administration Bldg, 1445 Straight Path, Wyandanch

Main: 631-870-0400  District Clerk: 631-870-0405

Meetings List: http://www.wyandanch.k12.ny.us/






September 26, 2013, B.O.E. ATTENDANCE


Present:       6 of 7 Trustees!

       James Crawford & Yvonne Robinson arrived at 5:15pm just as the Board was going into Executive Session.


MIAs : Missing In Action


       So far as I know, the        ONLY ABSENTEE was




I have noted that Attendance at B.O.E. Meetings by the TRUSTEES has improved drastically since I began publishing the MIAs!


The two Clergy members, Bishop Allen & Elder Tolliver, were the main MIAs before. Their Attendance ha improved now that their Attendance or lack thereof is being published.



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