Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil! Wyandanch BOE Incumbents (UNHOLY TRINITY: President Elder Tolliver, VP Shirley Baker & Trustee Charlie Reed). I Attended ‘Meet The Candidates’ Last Night, May 12th, At Wheatley/Wyandanch Ambulance On Merritt Ave. To Hear Those ‘Trinity’ Incumbents Tell It, Everything In Wyandanch Is Hunky Dory! If You Live Here, You Know Better! Why Is It Our Leaders Can Do The Unmentionable, But We May Not Mention It? That’s Why We Fail! We Are Not Permitted To Call A Spade ‘A Spade’. The *Moderator Told The Audience She Wanted Peace & Decorum; What She Got Was Lies, Lies & More Lies From Those 3 Trinity Members! You Won’t Get Another Chance To Make A Change For The Better In Wyandanch Education Until 2017 – SO VOTE May 19th!


      President Tolliver – VP Baker – Trustee Reed


Wyandanch Mothers For Change sponsored Candidates Night. However, if this was what they call ‘Change’, they had best sit down next to those 3 Trustees pictured above! Indeed, those 3 chimps would serve Wyandanch no WORSE than Tolliver, Baker & Reed! If the chimps had run against these Incumbents, the chimps would probably have won!


*Unlike the Narrator, who demanded we accord respect to all Candidates, Tabacco believes Respect is EARNED!


It’s about time Wyandanch had Leaders, who serve Wyandanch, rather than THEMSELVES!


A member of the Audience, obviously pro-Incumbents, tried to make the non-Incumbents look bad by asking a question about the QZAK Bond. Of course the non-incumbents wouldn’t know what that is yet – hell, I didn’t know! The Failure of that ‘Technique’ is that neither did most of the Audience. So everybody got an Education and the Questioner’s Evil Trickery was lost!


I must give Credit where Credit is due! Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Reed approached me and began a ‘Political History Revision’ you would find hard to believe. If nothing else, Charlie Reed has chutzpah!


Charlie even advised me to consult about Education with Superintendent Mary jones! Jones authored the letter to me advising that, even though Nancy Holliday’s ILLGOTTEN ‘Order of Protection’, which she obtained with a False Police Report in 2013, had been Vacated by the Judge May 15, 2014, if I dared show my face on school grounds, I should expect to be arrested! How droll of Charlie! That’s like referring a Jew to Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele!


I then proceeded to inform him about the consummated ‘DEAL’, which got Mary Jones the ‘Job’. Holliday only had 3 Votes for Jones: Reed, Bishop Allen and herself. The other Clique, Tolliver & Baker, wanted either Hodge or Mrs. Talbert (Gina) of 1st Church of Wyandanch. (I wonder why that place is no longer under the ‘Baptist’ banner!) So the 5 of them CUT A DEAL:



Mary Jones got to be Superintendent and Gina Talbert got her cushy job (title of which is irrelevant because she does as little actual ‘WORK’ as is inhumanly possible).

Both got 5 Votes!



I actually like Charlie Reed! He’s really an amiable fellow. But I wouldn’t TRUST Charlie Reed as far as I can hold a conversation in Spanish with those 3 chimps above! Charlie Reed represents Charlie Reed!


Charlie Reed at Meeting, “I’ll tell you what I want to do!”, when questioned about what he would do if reelected. But he NEVER TOLD US EVEN THAT! Charlie Reed made us a Promise, then left us hanging! An indication of things to come!


Charlie expounded on Class Size, more space needed, Teacher Evaluation & of course COMMON CORE! Please click URL below to read Truth about it!


NY’S COMMON CORE: Tens Of Thousands of New York Parents REVOLT Against These Standardized Exams! Cuomo’s Bid To PRIVATIZE PUBLIC EDUCATION Veers Off Course. Blowback Focuses Attention On Politicians Acts Designed To Put Money In Their Own Pockets – Even At The Expense Of Children’s Education. Who Do You Think Is Paying For All Those PR Ads Praising Governor Cuomo’s Education Initiatives? Did You Say, “Hedge Fund Investors In Charter Schools”? If You Did, Go To Head Of The Class!



Charlie, along with the other 2 in Wyandanch’s ‘UNHOLY TRINITY’, have done much to benefit themselves such as granting the Venettes use of a gymnasium, whose floor they annually decimate. Instead of paying $66,000+ for that use, they get off annually paying about $10,000+/-.


Shirley Baker was the sharpest of the Unholy Threesome. When asked about what she would do to raise Test Scores & improve Education, she replied, “That’s why we hire Administrators!” Shirley is NO HARRY TRUMAN (‘The Buck Stops Here!’).


Hiring Administrators is indeed the way it SHOULD BE! But when you hire your unqualified Relatives and your UNQUALIFIED FRIENDS to run Wyandanch Education, what gets left out is EDUCATION!


Shirley, has your grandson in Phys Ed beaten up any more Male Students lately? Shirley also has a relative, a secretary, who rakes in 6-figure$ salary, courtesy of OVERTIME!


When discussing ‘lack of space’, Shirley threw in the Fact that the New School was not built because the Voters turned down the Proposition. What she neglected to inform the Audience was:


A – Her own Bishop Talbert was getting KICKBACKS from Contractors, and


B – They pushed through a lesser Proposition 2-months later in January when WCC members going door-to-door to advise Residents of the Plot was unthinkable.


C – The Annual Tax Bite on that ‘New’ School was $1,000 per homeowner! I personally had to drag that out of former Business Manager, Calvin Wilson.


That brings us to the Last, but certainly not least, member of the Unholy Trinity: Elder Tolliver!


He and Reed were pushing ‘EXPERIENCE’! Certainly experience matters, particularly if it’s GOOD EXPERIENCE. Unfortunately recent experience on the BOE has been ALL BAD – for the past 40 years or so!


Would you Vote for George W. Bush if he could run again? He certainly has EXPERIENCE!


Tolliver said that if we got rid of these Incumbents, all the GOOD WORKS they are achieving would be lost. My Question is, “What Good Works?” “Mary Jones?” “Poor Test Scores?” “Parents’ Anger?” Perhaps Tolliver meant “MORE BOARD RETREATS?” Up to $20,000 at a pop, but Wyandanch can’t afford a Band!


And, if you follow Tolliver’s advice, NO NEW MEMBERS would ever get a chance until somebody died! If such were the case, these three wouldn’t be on the Board now! (See, Tolliver’s ‘Advice’ actually does have a bright side!)


Tolliver used phrases “A Work In Progress”, “Moving In The Right Direction”, “Experience Counts”.


On May 19th, you VOTERS must tell these Unholy Trinity INCUMBENTS,




The Wyandanch/Wheatley Heights Citizens’ Coalition (WCC) ENDORSES for the B.O.E.


1AMoneik Hatcher


2BJovan Nance


3BLynelle Jarmond



(Click on URL above to view our

3 Candidate Interviews)


Your choice is simple!


1 – You can Vote for WCC Candidates listed above: 3 Concerned Citizens/Parents, not Failed Incumbents!


2 – You can Vote for the 3 Chimps. You couldn’t do any worse than No. 3 below!


3 – Or you can Vote for the Unholy Trinity and MORE OF THE SAME! Then explain to your children and grandchildren why you denied them an opportunity for a REAL EDUCATION!



Administration Bldg, 1445 Straight Path, Wyandanch

Main: 631-870-0400  District Clerk: 631-870-0405

Meetings List: http://www.wyandanch.k12.ny.us/





Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


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