The Wyandanch-Wheatley Heights Citizens’ Coalition (WCC) Endorses BARBARA WRIGHT-BLUE And VENETIA MILLER For The (2) Board Of Education (B.O.E.) Trustee Positions In The Election On May 20, 2014!


Tabacco, Founder of the WCC: We have found 2 unexpectedly great Candidates for the Wyandanch B.O.E. I say ‘unexpectedly’ because most of the good people are busy earning an honest living and don’t have the time required to serve without pay as a Board Trustee. Conversely, most of the Volunteers for these non-paid Trustee positions are self-absorbed Charlatans, whose main purpose is to inflate their own Financial Assets, with Education of Wyandanch students a distant – distant 2nd! The WCC is proud to endorse 2 B.O.E. Candidates, who have as their Prime Directive a superior Education for Wyandanch-Wheatley Heights Public School Students.






Tabacco, Founder of the WCC: We have unexpectedly found 2 great Candidates for the Wyandanch B.O.E. I say, “unexpectedly” because most of the good people are busy earning an honest living and don’t have the time required to serve without pay as a Board Trustee. Conversely, most of the Volunteers for these non-paid Trustee positions are self-absorbed Charlatans, whose main purpose is to inflate their own Financial Assets with Educating Wyandanch students a distant – distant 2nd!


WCC Candidates, Barbara Wright-Blue and Venetia Miller, are both longtime Wyandanch residents, enthusiastic, activist mothers, who want better education for Wyandanch students in its Public Schools and are ‘good people’.


These two parents, like most of you, cannot afford to send their own children to PRIVATIZED / CHARTER SCHOOLS, whose primary goal is PROFITS while also competing with Public Schools for Tax Dollar$.


In 2013, WCC Candidate, James Crawford, defeated Incumbent, Bishop Michael V. Talbert. And WCC Candidate, Yvonne Holder Robinson, defeated Incumbent, Elder Barry Sexton. ‘We The People’ won 2 out of 2 Elections by electing WCC Candidates and reduced the Religious Cleric presence on the B.O.E. from 4 to 2. But that only gave ‘We The People’ 2 Votes out of 7.


One of those DEFEATED CLERIC INCUMBENTS, ELDER BARRY SEXTON (Bishop Talbert’s Proxy), is on the ballot again. Good Government is NOT a destination – Good Government is a JOURNEY! In addition to the (2) Incumbents, we must again defeat Elder Barry Sexton. And we must continue to defeat these Anti-Educators whenever they pop up on the ballot – year-after-year- after-year- after-year- after-year- after-year!


This year, 2014, 2 more Incumbents are running for their own Reelections. One of those Incumbents is also a Bishop! If we successfully dethrone the 2 Incumbents this year, the WCC endorsed Trustees will have a 4-3 B.O.E. Majority instead of the 2-5 minority today and the 0-7 minority until last July.


If those Greedy, wannabe, Have-More Trustee Incumbents are anything, they are definitely persistent and unwilling to give up – EVER! The Lure of your Tax Dollar$ is too tempting for these Selfish Capitalists to resist.


They will continue to volunteer to exploit your children and you Taxpayers by capturing seats on the Wyandanch B.O.E. and continue their quest to siphon off your Tax Dollar$ for their own benefit while the Students continue on their March-To-Failure! We The People must win and continue to win – there will be no Holidays!






Ballot Line 1B                Barbara Wright-Blue


Born in 1956 and living in the same house in Wyandanch since her birth, Barbara attended Wyandanch schools from K-to-12. She graduated 5th in the class of 1974.


Barbara’s mother died when Barbara was 9. Her father, Lawrence Wright, raised Barbara and her two brothers. He set the example of the importance of education by going back to college to obtain a teaching degree while Barbara attended high school. Lawrence Wright became one of the first instructors at the Wyandanch College Center while simultaneously teaching reading in the Wyandanch High School. He worked tirelessly to bring Pre-K into the district and was instrumental in establishing Wyandanch’s Public Library.


Barbara has a BS Degree in Business from the University of Phoenix. She currently attends Liberty University pursuing a Masters in Professional Counseling.


She worked in Wyandanch schools as Assistant Director of Security until 2001. And as a 15-year volunteer, she was Assistant Chief at the Wyandanch-Wheatley Heights Ambulance Corp.


Barbara is a member of the Long Island Progressive Coalition (LIPC) and former member of its board. She was instrumental in drafting the Wyandanch School District ‘Anti-Nepotism’ policy that was reviewed for adoption by the NYS Department of Education.


Currently Barbara works for Action Long Island, the organization responsible for yearly rally for Long Island Middle School Students under the direction of the Westchester Urban League.

Barbara Wright-Blue, Line 1B





Ballot Line 3C          Venetia Miller


Denise Baines-Harrington, former President of the Wyandanch B.O.E. says, “Venetia is a firecracker! When she sets out to do something, she completes it.”


If ever there was a ‘No Nonsense’ lady, she is Venetia.


Venetia has resided in Wyandanch for the past 22-years. She is a homeowner.


Venetia’s 3 older kids graduated from the WUFSD. Currently her two youngest attend Martin Luther King (MLK).


She is a Parent Advocate.


She has worked the past 15-years in pediatrics at LIJMC.


Venetia says, “I am running to make a difference in this community!” And she means it, folks!

                            Venetia Miller, Line 3C


It is with great pride and hope for the future that the Wyandanch Citizens’ Coalition










For Trustee Seats on the Wyandanch B.O.E. in the Election on May 20, 2014


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