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(1)PRESUMPTIVE GUILT! In America, Forget FREE SPEECH & Forget TELLING THE TRUTH! Ozzie Guillen,.. (2)What Is 7 x 9? Yesterday Was A Fearful Day For Me Because 2 White 17-Year Old Males On Bikes, 2 Of 3 White Supermarket Cashiers, 1 Of 2 White Seafood Clerks, A Mature White Female, A Black Seventh Grader And A Few Others I Asked Did Not Know!.. (3)ASKING THE WRONG QUESTION (An Old Politician’s Trick): “Is It That Governor Romney’s 15% Effective Personal Tax Rate Means He Doesn’t Play By The Rules?” – Question Should Be: “Are Rules That Allow Gov. Romney To Pay 15% Tax Rate Fair?” – Advisory1

TABACCO: The Title includes just 3 of my recent Posts on my main blogsite:

Currently there are only about 25 Posts. I have over 1,500 Posts previously published at the now-defunct Blog-City. Eventually those 1,500 will also be on the “tabacco” blog. So you’d better get a head start before the job gets “too big to succeed”! Continue reading

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‘THE FEAST OF ALL SAINTS’ On TV One (TV1) This Saturday, April 7 And Sunday, April 8.

‘The Feast Of All Saints’ (2001) is the story of the untold AMERICAN SEXUAL HISTORY of Rich Whites and Blacks in New Orleans, Louisiana.

‘Mandingo’, starring heavyweight boxer, Ken Norton, who broke Ali’s jaw – Black Slave about to be mob lynched, “And after you hang me, you can kiss my ass!” Continue reading

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REGISTERED VOTERS OF WYANDANCH: My Post “NANCY HOLLIDAY – Black Cowardice – Rumors” Received 2,157 Hits In 2 Days (April 1-April 2). According To The Vote Count, Our Write-In Candidate, Yvonne Holder Robinson, Received Only 27 Votes While Holliday Received 50. This Library Election, Like That Referendum On January 10, Was Stolen. To Prove It, We Need Your Help: If You Voted April 3 And Wrote In “Yvonne Holder Robinson”, E-Mail Me That Fact So We May Get Our Own Vote Count And Challenge This Total. Otherwise It’s 5 More Years Of Holliday’s Theft, Intimidation & Domination. Wyandanch, It’s Up To You!

Once Thieves are in control of counting the Votes, winning an Election to remove them is next to impossible. The GOOD NEWS is that “27 Votes” is an extremely small number to count.

Once I receive your responses and that number “27” is passed, we will have PROOF that the ELECTION WAS STOLEN. Continue reading

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NANCY HOLLIDAY – Black Cowardice – Rumors: The April 3, 2012, Wyandanch Library Board Of Trustees Election Has Only Holliday’s Name On The Ballot – Why? And What You Can Do To Stop This Abortion Of Freedom, Democracy & Free Speech! The WYANDANCH CITIZENS’ COALITION Has A Solution!

Why is Nancy Holliday the ONLY CANDIDATE ON THE BALLOT for the Library Trustee Election, Tuesday, April 3, 2012? Why is the Election in April this year when it always occurs in May? Why is this year’s Election term 5-years? What is Nancy Holliday’s married name – it ain’t “Holliday” because her brother is David “Holliday”? Lots more Q&A inside about Wyandanch’s own NANCY HOLLIDAY Continue reading

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